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Time is Flyin'   posted July 15 2001                                                                                                       Post in Forum | Send News | Complain

    Well, I'd like to start off by apologizing for the lack of updates, you see, I have been busy as hell with my own life, in a good way though, I got a new car and have been working on that, and just enjoying the summer I guess, but I got some time last night to work on the site so I updated a few of the bigger sections of the site, the woman section, and of course the main page.


    I hope you all enjoy the new women I have chosen for this week, she's pretty good looking, and soon I hope to have some photo's on the site of my new car, it's a 1982 firebird supped to the tits.


    Also, I hope to get some friends together for a camping trip sometime soon, if I go I'll make sure to get some pics of us and post them on the site, but anyways, take it easy people and have a good time, it is summer you know.


Canada Rox!   posted July 1 2001                                                                                                     Post in Forum | Send News | Complain 

    Canada day was a huge success for me and friends, we got so f-ing hammered it's not even funny, and to prove it all I got pics, but be aware, in these pics we are doing some dumb shit and you can blame it all on the Molson Canadian, and who the girl we are messing with is not known by me.  Make sure you check out the pics I took of the night that I won't forget, if I could remember it.


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SB Freaks   posted June 23 2001                                                                                                         Post in Forum | Send News | Complain  

    I came across a rather intriguing site the other day, and the reason I stayed to check it all out is because Nathan told me it had some sweet motorbike vids, so of course, me loving bikes, I checked them out, and they rocked, and in fact, they rocked so much that I decided to host 4 of the best vids on the site, so here they are, check them out.


Move 1     Movie 2     Movie 3     Movie 4

Alot of thanx for to SB Freaks for taking the chances they do to make these films, and I surely hope they keep it up, by the way, make sure you check out the site for way for vids


Yamaha!!!!!!  posted June 18 2001                                                                                                   Post in Forum | Send News | Complain  

    Nathan Kimmett has decided to write another article for us ahead of schedule, so enjoy this one as a treat.

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Two Stories for your Entertainment  posted June 13 2001                                            Post in Forum | Send News | Complain

  • Let's Talk GSXR!
Guess what folks, I got my very own Motorbike Pro writing articles on Bikes just for you people, and the first addition is on the popular Suzuki GSXR.

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  • Violent Crime Rate Drop  
    It seems that America over the years has been the crime country of the world, but from new statistics, it also looks like this is all about to change.  

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Monday June 18      Lara takes the box office...                  Final Fantasy meant for ps2...          rocks on....                 is howls...                     The Poem...        Current Poll...

My Life News             

I was talking to a buddy of mine on ICQ the other night when he sent me this pic, and he said it seemed  rather appropriate for me to post it on this site, and I, in fact, agree.  

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