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   These are just some of the few wallpapers I plan to put up here, trust me there will be lots from all over the net, but as for these, all thanx go's to ,and if you really want a Shitload of wallpapers and a truckload of cool shit, then click on the link and enjoy.

P.S.- at you can get full frontal nudity wallpapers of the exact same girls you see here, so get moving cause your missing out.

   And also, once I get this site's shit together I plan to show a weekly girl of my choice, unless you people send me requests, and I'm gonna put up a bunch of pics of this weekly girl up for you guys and girls, although I doubt any chicks are gonna dig this site.

New and Improved


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                                         Old but good none the less



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My Life News            

I was talking to a buddy of mine on ICQ the other night when he sent me this pic, and he said it seemed  rather appropriate for me to post it on this site, and I, in fact, agree.  

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