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Wanna see some real men?, check below and drool all you want, cause we are the idols!, ok maybe not, but we sure can drink!.


Name: Alex V. Interests: Women, Beer, Partying, Biking
Age: 18 Pass Timers: Partying, Pool, Women, Web Design
Location: Hamilton Ont. Canada Beverage: Molson Canadian, Heineken 
Occupation: Lazy Bitch Food: Pizza
Name: Jeroen De Bruijn Interests: DBZ, CS, Bikes, Cars, Woman
Age: 17 Pass Timers: Watching DBZ and playing sports
Location: Hamilton Ont. Canada Beverage: CC Whiskey
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Field Food: Pizza
Name: Nathan Kimmett Interests: Bikes, Woman, getting laid, Woman, Beer
Age: 18 Pass Timers: Biking, getting laid, getting drunk
Location: Hamilton Ont. Canada Beverage: Molson Canadian
Occupation: Mechanic Food: picky bastard

Monday June 18      Lara takes the box office...                  Final Fantasy meant for ps2...          rocks on....                 is howls...                     The Poem...        Current Poll...

My Life News           

I was talking to a buddy of mine on ICQ the other night when he sent me this pic, and he said it seemed  rather appropriate for me to post it on this site, and I, in fact, agree.  

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