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    Here at Sayuer, we have decided to make a team for Counter Strike, and the reason for this is because we are damn good at that game, and it's fun as hell.  We names our Clan SA (Sayuer Assassins) because we thought it would be kewl at the time (while drinking was the time), so if it sounds weird then blame the Molson.

    In this clan we will not be in OGL and we will not have any outside members, only the staff of Sayuer can join the team, and we will go from room to room kicking the shit out of random people and random teams, and then were gonna take some pics and post them here, which is the kewl part, and if we think there are some kewl things you people should know about, that has to do with CS then I'll post it in here for ya's, but this is gonna be mostly for pics of us kicking ass.


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My Life News             

I was talking to a buddy of mine on ICQ the other night when he sent me this pic, and he said it seemed  rather appropriate for me to post it on this site, and I, in fact, agree.  

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