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American Barkless Dog

Basenji Mix or a New Breed?


There are now puppies being sold as a new breed:

The American Barkless Dog.

 I’ve seen pics of these dogs, and:


1. the dogs look like basenji mixes, and

2. basenjis are the only barkless breed,


I am assuming one of the breeds used to create this ‘breed’ is the basenji.


Please consider:


1. Do we need another breed? If you want a basenji with long hair, you could get a Shiba Inu. Except for the part about liking water, the description of the American Barkless Dog’s temperament and personality describes my basenjis to a tee. And I do know basenjis who love water. Why not just get a basenji?

2. Even new basenji owners know that basenjis are noisy. And can be Extremely noisy at times. So I would assume these American Barkless Mixes can be noisy also. Please don't get one if you want a dog that doesn't make noise. If noise is not an issue, go ahead and get one.

3. These animals are not being bred to perform a particular job that is not already being covered by another breed. If you want a mixed breed pup, at least consider going to your local shelter, and rescue one. You will be getting a nice pet, and probably have money left to buy the fun stuff like toys.


4. Every type of dog eventually has representatives in the 'rescue' system. And what will the American Barkless Mix be rescued as? Basenji mixes. Just what basenji folk need, more basenji mixes to find homes for. They are even harder to place than the purebreds.
If you do decide to get an American Barkless Mix, please spay/neuter it.


5. The shelters are full of mixed breed dogs that need homes. Why would someone breed more?


Of course, you are entitled to buy an
American Barkless Mix if you so choose.

But I would like to alert you to a few things you may not have considered:

1. You will be paying money for what is essentially a mixed breed dog. If you’d
like a basenji mix, contact an American Barkless Dog breeder, but please, also contact Basenji Rescue.


2. They are registered: with the Dog Registry of America (DRA).

I went to the DRA website. Did you know you can register ANY dog on line? The application only asks for the breed of the dog you want to register, and it's parents' names. Oh, it also says if you don't know something, just leave that area blank. It is possible to register a chihuahua as being the offspring of 2 St Bernard's! No DNA testing required!

Now, go to the American Kennel Club site. There are pages and pages of strict requirements that must be met before a litter of pups can be registered.


Health Issues

This mixed breed has basenjis in it’s background. It is susceptible to every disease that plagues basenjis, plus whatever problems are in the other breeds used in this mix.
The diseases that plague basenjis are:



 late onset
(meaning many times animals are bred before it is known they will develop the disease)

can’t be tested for before they appear

and sometimes skip several generations before showing up.


PRA and Fanconi are the two biggies. Please, if you are going to get any dog that has a basenji in its background, educate yourself on these diseases. I do not wish for any family to have to deal with them unknowingly. Fanconi can cause your dog to waste away, unable to use the nutrients in the food it eats. PRA will cause the dog to be blind at a relatively early age.

Ask anyone who sells any dog with basenjis behind it about these diseases. If you are told they are not in the basenjis behind them, be wary. Anyone who breeds basenjis (to other basenjis or to another breed) and says there is no Fanconi behind their dogs is at the very least naive. Fanconi is in every basenji pedigree and can pop up at any time. PRA is becoming more and more common.

Ask for the names of the basenjis behind any basenji or mix you are considering. It is very easy to check the OFA site to see if the hips were tested (yes, basenjis get hip dysplasia) and the Cerf site to see if the eyes were tested if you have the dogs' registered names. AKC registered that is. Ask the person selling the pup about PPM and Coloboma. Better ask about thyroid tests too. Hypothyroidism is common in basenjis also, so can show up in any dog with basenjis in its pedigree.

If you get the names of the basenjis behind any dog you are considering taking into your home, and need help searching these sites, I would be happy to help you.

After reading this, I hope I have at least given you some things to think about before
bringing the American Barkless Mix (or any dog bred that has basenjis behind it) into your family. If you should have any questions,
please feel free to contact me. I can help with the ‘basenji’ part of the mix. To know what you might be getting into, it might help to go to Basenji Information, a site I recommend to folks interested in the basenji.


Whatever you decide, I wish you luck, and whatever puppy joins your family, it is worthy of your love. I hope it is also worth the amount you wrote on the check.


The above is the opinion of Vickie Perrine, Rugosa Basenjis. I would love to discuss this issue, and value your opinion, as that is how knowledge is gained. contact:


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