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          She's The Perfect 10!          
The Sexy And Talented Torrie Wilson!

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Torrie Wilson From Boise Idaho, 5"7' 135lbs She's here to kick some ass!

~* Forward *~

~* End Forward *~

- Backstage at wonga -

Torrie Wilson's limo pulls up outside the wonga arena the hot diva steps out of the car and walks into the area to the approval of the fans she makes her way up the corridor as a few superstars can be seen staring at her, she walks up to the panda's office and knocks on the door, she pauses for a moment and then strolls in the panda is sat talking to some unknown newbie he looks at her a little confused as does the newbie

~$* Torrie Wilson *$~
Move it or loose it newbie, *she looks at the panda* I have to talk to you..........

The newbie gets up and stroppily walks out of the office, the panda sits with his hands resting on his chin he stays silent before bursting out with

~$* Panda AkA Brett Smiles *$~

~$* Torrie Wilson *$~
Jesus chill out and would it hurt to pop a tic tack now and again hunnie???

The panda sits there looking aggetated

~$* Torrie Wilson *$~
It was official bunny girl buisness, top secret, if i told you then I'd have to kill you.......

~$* Panda AkA Brett Smiles *$~
*he sighs* What is it exactly you want????

~$* Torrie Wilson *$~
Well, Its actually not a matter of what I want persay........ I have Brian in the ring at wongamania yeah? You're the special guest referee....... well I could be less of a pain in your ass..... Just think about it..............

She smiles cheekily and gets up and walks out as the scene cuts to wonga comercials

-[ Commercials ]-

- Wong is war -

- Chris jericho's desire -

- WWF the moments are waiting -

- Back and badder than ever -

-[ Commericials end ]-

he scene reopens at a scene of carnage, The Rock is layed out on the floor as a sledge hammer drops to the floor the camera moves to reveal Torrie

~$* Torrie Wilson $*~
One thing Triple H taught me rocky, don't get mad get even, you just think i was gonna let that go huh???

She steps over his body and walks off down the corridor

- Out at ringside -

Taking back sunday's cute without the e hits the pa, Torrie Wilson makes her way out to the ring

She climbs into the ring and taunts the fans a little bit before she grabs a mic

Well its good to be back.............. obviously not for some of the locker room but never mind about that, *she sighs* Nice to see Brian Boitano's effort to get the little woman out of the way, well Brian, I'm still here and I'm just gonna shout louder and I'm certainly gonna be rattling a few more cages, You have no ieda what you're doing by doing this, it just prooves to everyone what a male chavonist we have running this place, and it makes me more determind to well to do this *she flips off towards the big screens and the backstage area* Which bring me on to the next point, Wongamania............ I get that decrepid old looser in the ring *she has a big smile on her face* Throw what ever the hell you like at me theres no chance in hell I won't make it to that night, belive me cause bri I'm dying to give you a close up view of my size fives, wongamania Brian, you're gonna meet the real Torrie Wilson..................................................................

She throws the mic into the crowd and walks off to the backstage area, she makes her way towards her locker room but she gets stopped by a female member of the backstage crew she tells Torrie something the camera can't quite make out, however Torrie smiles and walks off in the other direction she walks into the wonga Gym, somewhere in the middle of a big bunch of people Torrie spots some long blonde hairand a unmissable over the top outfit, she walks straight across the Gym pushing past some of the people, she taps Chris on the shoulder he stops half way through his story he had everyone intrigued with as he turns she pulls him towards her and kisses him

~$* Torrie Wilson *$~
*she smiles* I'm back, Thought I'd return the favour

With that she turns and walks out leaving him with a smile on his face as the scene fades out to black