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Welcome to the most pointless webpage on the face of the earth. This webpage is almost as pointless as your existence. Haha, just kidding. Nothing is as pointless as your existence. Anyway, if you're here it means you're very bored, and that you should shoot yourself in the face. Twice. Enjoy the show.

Herro Word! Rick my Barrs!



Melissa is da Fool


Super Sexy Teen Pop Explosion Mike Ahn!


F*ckin Eagles! Well, it was a good season


Lookin forward to 3 movies right now: Unleashed, Ong-Bak, and Sin City. Also, in other news, i have found the exact opposite of me. That's right Melissa Christman, i'm comin after you.

Funniest video ever: right here


Tito Ortiz vs. Vitor Belfort fight comin up Feb. 5, contact me if you want to watch. Winter retreat was awesome, and if you weren't there, you officially suck.


I had to put this up becuase it's so amazing. This guy is so fast he might just be the next Bruce Lee. Yeah right.


I trust everyone had a safe and fun New Years. I myself enjoyed the New Years celebration immensely when i got to see Fuji get s-faced. Also, buy the new Sum41 album Chuck, it's a great album. New Year. Same God.


I'm not a very creative guy, so e-mail me with some suggestions for the Hurtie Face-Off for the Pros and Cons section. Make sure you sign up for winter retreat. Do it. Do it now. Spread the word. The site is up.