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Tired of movies with useless things like "stars", "acting", "budget", or "plot"? Yeah, me too. Those Hollywood bigshots are getting too creative with thier talent. That's where Napolean Dynamite single handedly takes on the system. First off, let me say that i don't know why i liked this movie so much. There was no story, no plot, the music is ghetto, and i still don't even know what genre this movie is. That being said, I absolutely love this movie. It's creative, but i don't know why. Somewhere between the 80's background and the funny mexican guy (Pedro) I fell in love with this film. I highly suggest you buy the dvd, as it is packed with extra features and funny outtakes. Napolean Dynamite grabs life by the balls and will go down as one of the hallmarks in cult classic films.

This mysteriously funny film gets an 8 out of 10

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