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Welcome To The Streets

A Howard Siroky Film

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Mission Statement:

The goal of WTTS is to give sheltered society a view through the eyes of a street kid. This 11 minute film took about 2 months of production, and 700 hours of post production, and is still not at it's final version. The clip that we show on our website is a portion of the film called the 138. Since the film has been released I have had many people tell me that they look at street kids differently. When this happened my most bassic goal was accomplished. To change the way people think.

The Revised Goal:

The new goal is to get as many people to understand street life as possible. To get people to accept that we have a real problem within our system of government. To get people to appreciate how human beings are slipping through the cracks. To make changes the general public must first appreciate the current dilema.

The New Project:

The creator of Welcome To The Streets, Howard Siroky, has been given a grant by the national film board to make his next movie about Street Kids who managed to find a way off the streets after years of going through the motions. The work in progress to this date is tittled cleans up well.

For more infomation, donations, or to obtain a full copy of WTTS please contact Howard at

All content of this site is property of Howard Siroky