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Make a web page.
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1) First of all open your composer program.

2) Then what you want to do is choose a background color for your page.
how you do this is by going to Format, Page colors and background...

Click use customs colors, and from there you can choose your colors

3) After you choose your background color you make the title of your
page. Click on the screen and type your title.

Use the circled button in the picture above to enlarge your font

4) After you have your title on your page you might want to save.

Click the floppy disk that is in the green circle in the picture above

Make sure that when you save your page you do not include any capital letters, spaces, or symbols
It is okay to use a dash ( - )

If you want to insert any type of picture or image into your website, click the image button at the top of your screen

when the screen opens up you click choose file, select the image you want
click ok.
click do not use alternet text.
click ok

After you are done with your website, make sure
that you save it again.
Go to a free webhosting site like angelfire, and use
webshell to load all of your content onto the internet
make sure that you load all of the images you used.