Kurt Cobain SUCKS.

Kurt Cobain is an asshole

How could a no-talent asshole like Kurt Cobain reach God-like status among today's youth? I was under the impression that America was a smart country... At least that's what everybody says. You know your civilization has gone downhill when a mediocre guitar player and shitty singer can be found 10 times in any given setting. You go to the mall, guess what you see... Asian people selling those stupid drawings of famous people including at least 5 Kurt Cobain pictures... (and a few Scarface pictures... but at least Scarface was GOOD...) You walk around for a little while and find at least 10 people wearing Kurt Cobain / Nirvana t-shirts that they most likely bought at the nearest Hot Topic. People don't even LIKE Nirvana.. Ask them to name 5 Nirvana songs and 90% of them will get stuck after they blurt out "Smells like teen spirit" as fast as they can. Nirvana was grunge, and grunge sucks ass. It's not even close to music. I've made better sounds taking a shit. The only reason anybody even likes Kurt Cobain is because he was a drug-addicted waste bag who shot himself in the face.. well, the head anyways. What is our world coming to when people like him are idolized as Gods? He didn't do anything useful except rid us of his shitty music. I think he should have gone out Sid Vicious style and killed his drug addict girlfriend Courtney Love as well. That would rid the world of TWO shitty musicians... Oh man, that would have kicked ass. I would take back everything I've said about him if he came back from the grave and took her down. But it won't happen.

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