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with commentary provided by Michael Lazerick, Adam Levine, and occasionally Sam Feuer.

1.Copy and paste this to your profile if you like slapping fine ass booties.-Ally073 -Ally, come on, you CANNOT be serious, it fucking speaks for itself.
2. O \ O /)(\ --------- )(\ / \ / \ / \ -Shumel1129 This is pretty good, but Sam, we all know you like pong, hell everyone like pong, but this is taking it way to far. I dont know where you got this, but put it away, and take it out when its needed. doing CARTWHEELS-CaRli713s This better be an inside joke cause if its not....Shame on you.
4.The gorgeous bag is usually an asshole. ~Laguna-cmw8978 Chelsea, let me give a little advice, dont quote LAGUNA BEACH....EVER
5. i like to move it move it-ekm246 --emily, do you really, is that how it works? AS IF WE DIDNT KNOW THAT!
5. what a long strange trip its been. - Grateful Dead--cmw8978 --chelsea, name one more dead song...that isnt box of rain
6. O O----------------------------------------------- friedlanderroad---Anyone else see the resemblance to a PENIS??
7. JSLCBlazed4life R.IP "The Van/Charollete" (9/6/05)(9/10/05) The Pothead Test Bud Of The Week 4/20 Countdown, its never too early Origins of 420 -- JSLCPACFAN4LIfE --- chambers, we get it dude, you smoke weed, wahooo! your so cool!! no one else does that in orange, only you, celebrate!

8. <> Jantzman2000: o behave! E k M 246: i never do.. this comment in ur profile is gay in 2 ways. First, who says o..behave!'? Maybe it was funny when Austin Powers came out, but that was like 7 years ago. Also, Emily by you adding your quote that you don't behave, ur in fact using your own quote in ur profile. No1 does that, they use quotes that their friends say that r funny, not their own. commentary by Sam Feuer. (I'm sorry if WE have offended any of the above)