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pit gallery

You know in time the government is gonna ban pit bulls because all those dope heads and gangsta G's keep using 'em for entertainment and a way to make money. Now i've seen a dog fight and it's not as bad as everyone says(I DO NOT LIKE DOG FIGHTS!I'M NOT FOR IT AND I TRY TO PERSUADE YOU NOT TO FIGHT EM CAUSE ITS ILLEGAL AND IT NOT GOOD FOR THE DOGS SO NEVER EVER FIGHT EM!) cause they really only bite their legs and as soon as one gets a good bite they break 'em, and their is alot of money in it $500 got won that day and i got two pits from it, they were the losers, but its what got me into pits. I got a brendal male and a tan female i was gonna breed 'em but my moms boyfreinds kids poisoned 'em so they both died but them lil bastards moved away and i got me a new one. His old owners didnt know how to take care of a dog and he got neglected, starved, and dehydrated. When i got him he had bed sores wouldnt eat just waitin to die but we rescued him and now he weighs 46 pounds and he's a mean lil S.O.B.. I think he's inbread!

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