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Hock Will Always Have A Spare Seat!



Local Peaheart Matt the team Holcombe, was once again in fine form at Ricthies party last weekend, Holcombe thought it would be funny to go around telling people that he punched Sam Eccles and knocked Pog unconscious, as a result of his shitful humour, which nobody believed to begin with and the fact that Eccles n Pog were still walking around fine & clearly unhurt, Holcombe found him self in hot water when the boys confronted him about the bullshit he was spreading, they were not impressed and very pissed off. Holcombe was lucky, the boys decided it wasn’t the time or place for the matter to be taken any further, and will be resolved in there own way in the near future. After Holcombe was confronted he then did the peahearted effort of hiding from them in a nearby car, and taking off home like we have seen meant times before!! The crowd was not impressed, with the peaheart, resulting in everyone booing and yelling out ‘Holcombe you’re a peaheart’. Stay tuned for the next instalment & results of this affair.

An annonymous party goer had the following to say, "What a dick!"


We have a file photo of the favorite for the new poll based on who you think is they biggest Peaheart.

Yes That Peaheart Is Marso.


New to the game of drinking a young un experienced Geoffery Kearny attempted to hit the piss last saturday night but it failed in misery after it was report by Cork that Geoffery hardly even drank 3, Apparently he was all over the shop an hanging off Cork dribbling absoloute shit! (Same as sober basicly).

We asked his father Mark (Rumbles) at footy training this last thursday an asked what was Geoffery doing last saturday night?.. To our suprised he quickly had a huge grin and shouted to our excitement!. "You homeless fucks!, The little cunt rocked up home off his fucking head little cunt cant drink for shit!.. You homeless fucks taught him nothing!".

The wise but insighting words of Rumbles.


Random update 1st of many to come, It has been announced that Peaheart of the year 2006 Matt Holcombe is more of a peaheart that we first pressumed with the actions taken against one Troy Roberts, Matt completley made a fool of himself over nothing and thats nothing compared to the effort when the neighbour complained about the music being to loud.

Mr. Holcombe then decided oh yeah lets get my gun out an make a scene, wich ended up with my self Taita Cakes Kelly, coming to the decision.... Holcombe ya nothing but a doggggggggggg!!!!!....

Story gladly written by Nathan "Nath" "Taitatech" "Taita Cakes" "Nat" "Kel" "Box Ford Warrior" "Bingo God" Kelly


Yes its that time again of the year where Random1 announces Peaheart of the year, Who will go down in history as the biggest Peaheart of 2006?, Well by the sounds of things last years winner Nat Eccles wont be going back to back since he now claims to drink more than a 6 pack but aye Natta its alright buddy just keep trying maybe one day ;)

Now to the announcement the winner of 2006 Random1 Peaheart Of The Year is..............................

As you can see that is the Random chart an that was how Peaheart of the year was basicly decided and plus Holcombe was trying to be to random an we all decided he was the right choice of 2006!..........Fucking Peaheart!.


Well the 1st night of the Grand Annual Sprintcar classic didnt go as planned for Quincey Tanner Motorsport (QTR) but our good friend an fellow random Tommy D aka Grinter or Fuckwit, Decided to liven things up in pit lane by busting out a few random reps down near QTR to try an liven things up, Grinter busted big an Curley the crew chief of QTR had the following to say, "I cant believe that cunt, Hes a bigger fuck head than I thought!..."

Robbie Farr also had this to comment, "I really shoulda knocked that cunts head off back in Adelaide hey!.". Tommy D then decided to do a no show Saturday night after being banned from going near QTR and there truck for fear of Curley getting Robbie Farr like on his ass!.

Also Matt Holcombe was in great form he was blind drunk before Heat 1, Great work Matthew keep up the great work :)


After a hard night on the bingo circuit, Fellow random and local drunk Nath "The Grandfather" "Twin Turbo Box Ford" Kelly proved that hair loss was not the end of the world, When it grew back after a long stint of being passed out in his natural enviroment of empty Jim Beam cans, Spew and Urine. His lovely girlfriend was quoted saying the following, "Its amazing!, I cant believe he didnt drown!."

Despite his recent hair growth his ambition in life has not changed, The Box Ford will one day go a week without calling the RACV.


Yes your read correct, Stomper Marshall today was fined $1000 in the Warrnambool Koori court, He was finded for the assault of two hot chicks who are current reisdents of Crawly ST next door to Chap Chap. (Pictured Below are the victims.)


On the weekend a few of the bouys went to Adelaide for the Speedway and met a lovely chap named Hock,Hock informed us that if we ever need a lift just give him a burl on 0424919563 and ask for Hock


Tommy D had a close encounter by getting his head kicked in by several Sprintcar Drivers, One in particular was Robbie Farr. It all started when Tommy decided to threaten Robbie that he would piss on his Monaro and his Motel Room Door, Robbie didnt like the idea so he decided to take matters into his own hands, After several warnings Tommy D was not coperating with Robbie and follow his simple instructions wich lead to Robbie grabbing Tommy D buy the throat and hurling him towards his bed along with his his new found friend Fruta.

Fellow Sprintcar drive Cam Gesner had the following to say, "Tommy told me he was gunna smack the scar clean off Robbie Farr's face.", "I dunno what the hell it was he was drinking but give me some of that shit!, No wait I think it was called....Fruita!.". Tommy was complaining over the course of the night that his wardrobe was not big enough so Dylan and Holcombe decided to help him out and race taped his clothes all over the Motel walls and for once Tommy was satisfied.

After everybody went to bed Tommy didnt want to wich lead to Dylan hurling him out the door by the scruff of his neck and sustained severe head injurys, Then he finally left and went to get his invisible friend Carlos.


Yes folks you read correct, The G Banger, G Train, Homeless Fuck, Graham Smith has found some coins, No thanks to Richie an Marzo threw a cup full of 5 cent coins at the lad whilst attemptin to score a few coins through the McDonalds car park on Friday Night!, Smithy dived on them coins like a Turkey diving Aussie Root System!, Apparently the 5 cent coins added up to be $14.32 and Richie an Marzo were utterly upset with each other because they could of bout some Goon with that but the G Train sprinted down to the Road Pantry an boy did he enjoy those deep fried Rat Tails!


Apparently all the holes at the Warrnambool golf course had a bit of a renovation on tuesday night by our good mate Stomper Roids Marshall along with Josh an Random, They decided that it was to hard to get a hole in one and decided to make the holes wider by digging out the holes in the green so they were 2 metres wide an 2 metres long. Stomper had the following to say, "Fuck I mean I was just helping everybody out mate!, I made the holes bigger because I was gettin really fuckin pissed off at how much of a fucking cunt of a fucking thing these fucking hole fuckers were to get in so I decided to make them larger an help every fucker out and I did an now look at me I got me another fuckin 18 month suspended fuckin sentence!".

Mr Stomper Roids Marshall, Josh and Random are all set to appear in the Aboringinal an Torres Straight Islanders commisionary court, On June 31st, We will post more on the situation as the case comes close to beging.

Random Message Left

A rather Random guy by the name Rumbles left this majical note in the guestbook!: Monday 09/12/2005 0:11:18am Name Rumbles E-Mail Comments SMITHY YOU HOMELESS FUCK!, G you should of been nominated for dropping almost as many marks as Nat 5 metres out!. "Its almost that time of the year again boys, Footy trip lets get ready to tape Timah and Rhys together, Egg dave, Drink 3 days straight and EVEN POSSIBLY.......SLAP TEX!." Wont somebody dye my hair, Its so white!.

God damn hes a firey young chap but I think the point of it was, Possibly or Possibly that G cannot hold a mark or SLAP TEX, It could happen this year I will follow up on the Tex Slapping issue! and if the G Train learns the abillity to hold a mark!.


As you may of read, Nathan Eccles is your Peaheart of the year for 2005!, He joins last years winner Calvin Hogan in the list of true Peahearts!. Perhaps 2006 we may see a Pearson up there. Check the Newest poll for a tough question about Peaheart of the year 2005!.

McLeans Tea Bags!

Local businessman Locky McLean is making and breaking the news latley with his efforts of purchasing the company McLeans Tea bags!, McLean decided to make the decision to purchase the company after he was Tea Bagged numerous times by Secret Stash CO owner Sam Kenna Walsh, "It just came to me the minute after I was tea bagged again I realsied that McLeans tea bags was mine for the taking, I just love the feeling of a nice cup of tea running down your throat!." Locky has agreed to give us an update on the newest brand Tea Bags he calls the Cork-Bags wich are based and designed by his friend and CO owner of Secret Stash Biscuits Sam Kenna Walsh. I will update soon!

New Buisness In Town!

Yes you read right, A new business is in town and yes it is owned by father son group Peter Walsh/Sam Kenna Walsh are forming the "Secret Stash Biscuits" company Peter "Cork" Walsh said when question why open a biscuit company: "Well my son Sam seems to be going through biscuits every Saturday night and I got sick of forking out the small amount of money, When I clicked!, Damn it well start our own company!, When I told Sam he nearly jumped through our 3rd story roof! I decided to let him pick the name and he decided on Secret Stash, Theres a secret ingredient that I dont know of yet but all I know is that its $35 a biscuit so it must be good!". Well give you a report on how Secret Stash are going in the next few weeks.

Hermits On Verge Of Extinction

Yes you read right!, Hermits may be on the verge of Extinction after local "Crab" Hermit Marshall decided to spend a Saturday night on the piss, He was reportedly very, Rude, Agressive, Destructive and Racist to many other fellow piss heads and the police were called in at one stage to settle down the struggling Hermit after his 14 can effort as he reportedly to the police "Hey its one of them Piggy people, Hey I WANT SOME BACON!,(Police lay him down and belt the sense out of him) AY DIDNT I SEE YOU IN THAT MOVIE TITANIC?!" Marshall is now being checked up on frequently by the "Bacon Boys", We will give you an update soon!.

Stay Tuned For More!

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