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Smiles all round,

nice hat!


  There are always situations where you are either feeling down and upset and need something to make you feel a little better, or times where you just need something to help relax .  Within this site there will be all things that capable of this. 

  That is, anything that will cheer you up, such as a photo or a joke, or just a quote that reminds people that  life is so much easier if a smile is worn on your face. No matter what the situation, there is always room for a smile on your face.

If there is a photo that you think would cheer someone up, or just help someone relax a little. Feel free to have it posted on this site.  “One more face with a smile means one less face with a frown.”


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 Any Photos sent in are screened before posting, only photos that are relevant and safe for all ages will be posted.