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The Hybrid's XBOX LAN.

My LANs are FREE! Nobody likes to pay to get into a party. Admission fees are in direct violation of the LAN party rules manual, sec.2552-117....seriously look it up, RTFM people!!

Ok I havent updated in forever. As you guys may know the LAN for th 4th was canceled because of another LAN that unfortunatly for me and my party didnt even take place. Yay. My birthday LAN is still on and I will probably have one before that so keep an eye out.


Mt. Olive Area LAN
Midwest LAN party


Games we Play

  • 7/1-3/05 Independance Day LAN
    Bring your own console,tv,and chair. NEEDED:power strips, hub if possible.

  • 11/7-8/05 Hybrid's B-day LAN (Details later)

AIM: hybridjtl