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Me and My niece, look at her. She's my life now. I've gotta get a job. Gotta help my sister raise her right.

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Resident Evil. HEHEHE
Secondrate Rejects website.
Spending most of my time.....DAILY

I use to be the kid that always got picked on in school. The guy you teased and harrassed just for no reason at all other then he doesn't seem like the cool sort. Through pre-school to grade 2. I was inflicting pain upon others. Hitting them, biting them and really..I was just an asshole of a child. In the middle of grade 2 I met a Doctor by the name of Doctor O'Toole, he diagnosed me with ADHD.... Well, I was put on some medications that got me even more harrassed. I stopped beating up kids and focused mostly on the work but everyday upto grade 7, I came home crying. Sitting and crying, letting myself cry in corners, against the freezer. On my bed, in my pillow. In grade 6, I started to chat on something called Talk City, then it closed when I was in grade 8 so I moved to something else called ChatFirst for chatting. It was more then chatting, but role playing out things. Things that helped me forget. But in grade 8 I met another guy. A boy, Filipino/Scotish blood by the name of Alexander. Well, At first we didn't talk much until grade 9 where our friendship got stronger. In grade 8, when I met him. He was a really kewl guy. Someone that didn't want to treat me like shit. It was him, him alone that prevented me from killing myself by just being my friend. I don't know if he will ever know just how much of a friend he is to me. How much my life has changed for the better because of him. To this day, I still struggle with anger problems and depression problems that result in Drama scenes of my life. Most have gotten to just ignore them when they happen but generally. I need to stop but can't and I wish I would stop thinking that things are supposed to be the way I want them to be. That's all I think it really is. As for that, I got myself a girlfriend. We started going out June 18th and have been together since and till this day. I love her so much too because she makes me feel hole. I got some good friends, even some not so good ones but they all have proven themselves to help me in some way or another in my life. I appreciate their confidence in me because I feed off it and use it to be my own confidence. I have become alot more open then what I use to be and I have become alot more popular with people. I guess it's because I started to mosh and people realized I am not was weak as they thought.

I have another medical problem, my knees are really messed up. I gotta wear knee braces to do pretty much anything athletic or even moshing. The occasional accident happens but the braces help to reduce the seriousness of it. I love who I have become, in some aspects. I'm putting on weight in muscle as well as some fat. My girlfriend, I don't like her past and it bothers me alot but I don't care what people say about her because I love her seriously.I can't ignore her exsistance because I have always wanted someone like her in some aspects.

I have made alot of kewl friends around the world, some that I lost but most I still got. I love them just as much as those that live close to me. I play counter-strike, Day Of Defeat and am obsessed with anythign to do with Zombies. Games, Movies, Books you name it I love it. I love George A. Romero's work and I love alot of horror movies. I would describe my range of music taste but this site doesn't allow an infinite typing amount of words so I will just say I don't like every style of music but most I do. I love a shit load of bands and I love to laugh and make others laugh. Just ask Alex :P That's all I got to say right now until another update.