Anthony Kiedis

"Sex is the main inspiration for our music."

        Anthony Kiedis was born November 1, 1962 in St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan to parents John and Margaret. His parents divorced in 1968 where he lived with his mother in Michigan until he was eleven and then moved to California to live with his father. His sisters, Jennifer and Julie, stayed in Michigan with his mother. In Los Angeles, he began acting in minor roles on television and in movies under the name of Cole Dammet (his father's screen name being Blackie Dammet). At the age of sixteen he played in the Slyvester Stallone movie F.I.S.T., but this came after his introduction to the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll of Los Angeles. The tender age of twelve brought his loss of virginity to an eighteen year-old-prostitute Kimberely Smith and by the age of fourteen he was addicted to herion (initially mistaking it for cocaine).

        At Fairfax High School, Anthony met his future best friend Flea in the most bizarre way. Flea had Anthony's fried, Tony Sherr, in a headlock when Anthony threatened the persecutor who finally let go. Despite this, they found they had a common ally in Hillel Slovak, and the three became close friends. One of the pasttimes for the friends was to dive off of people's roofs into their pools, giving Anthony his nickname Antwan the Swan; unfortunatly, Athony missed once and broke his back when he was sixteen. These incidents led to the forming of Anthem School with Flea, Hillel, and Jack Irons with Irons on vocals and Anthony on drums. This did not last long and he quit the instrument, with Irons and Slovak leaving to another band.

The List Version:

Full Name: Anthony Joseph Kiedis

Birthdate:November 1, 1962

Location: St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nickname: Antwan the Swan

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lbs.

Eyes: brown

(Natural) Hair: brown

Father: John Kiedis, president of Rockinfreakapotamus (RHCP fan club)and an actor whose screen name is Blackie Dammet, a name inspired by the mystery writer Daschiell Hammett.

Mother:Margaret Elizabeth Idema, also known as "Peggy".

Parents' Marriage Date: July 2, 1960

Siblings: sisters Julie and Jennifer, and one brother James

Introduction of the Hard Life: Lost his viriginity at the age of twelve to an eighteen year old prostitute Kimberely Smith. By the age of fourteen he was addicted to heroin, initially mistaking it for cocaine. He bought these drugs from gang member who gathered under a bridge in Los Angeles.

Resides In: Los Angeles and New Zealand

Previously Dated: actress Ione Skye, Sinead O'Connor, model Jamie Rishar, and most recently Yohanna Logan

Musical Influences: Defunkt, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin

Tattoos:The artist Henky Penky has made most of his body artwork. The tribal eagle that you can find on Anthony's back was made in Amsterdam at Museum of Tattoo of Hank Schiffmacher. Also made there is the portrait of a an Indian Chief who died in 1904. The upper part of his arms bare the heads of Chief Joseph and Sitting Bull. Anthony admits that he feels akin to the Sioux Indians, and honors them in songs like "Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky" and "American Ghost Dance".

Food: Anthony is a vegetarian and enjoys foods like pasta, pancakes, fruits, and vegetables. For breakfast he enjoys green tea. Lately he has been experimenting with a diet that works with the compatibility of food with different blood types (his focus being on Blood Type A).

Hobbies: Motorcycles is one of his obvious hobbies, and a possession he is proud of is his black Harley Davidson.

Sports:Anthony loves basketball, and his favorite team is the L.A. Lakers. He honors his favorite star, Magic Johnson, on the Mother's Milk album.

Relaxation: He practices yoga for relaxation. Accused:In 1989, Virginia court found Anthony guilty of "indecent exposure and sexual battery" following a backstage incident. Until now, Anthony refuses to say that the women said "the truth".

Second Father: Sonny Bono, a friend of his father, would often take Anthony away on trips for the weekend. Sonny remembers that Chastity, (Sonny and Cher's daughter), would love Anthony coming to stay as he would always invent great games for the two of them to play together.

Original Best Friend: Tony Sherr

Met Flea: When Flea had Tony Sherr in a headlock, Anthony defended his friend. The two soon realized that they shared a common buddy in Hillel Slovak. The Name Red Hot Chili Peppers: While walking in the hills of Hollywood, Anthony came up with the name for the band. It was inspired by a bar in London that he had visited named Chili Willie and the Red Hot Peppers.

Filmography: F.I.S.T. (1978), Jokes My Folks Never Told Me (1978), Tough Guys (1986), Less Than Zero (1987), Point Break (1991), The Chase (1994)

After Hillel's Death:He went to Mexico to escape his thoughts. Anthony lived in a small Mexican fishing village for a month, where he drank, fished and walked. He did not return until he was sure that his body was finally acclimatised to sobriety. Within five weeks he was back in L.A. and has been clean ever since.