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Davidson925 Distro


Welcome to the Davidson925 Distro home site. I am currently trying to sell all the LP's and EP's you see listed here. I mainly sell these records on E-bay, but i will take reasonable offers. If there is a record that you would like me to put up on E-bay let me know and I will make sure it gets up for you. I prefer to use E-bay because it gives the record more exposure to sell, but if you really want it make an offer. This site is under construction. I plan to add: Videos, DVDs, CDs, and various other things so bookmark the page and check back. If you want to e-mail me a request here's the link: My ebay account is Davidson925 and I constantly have something up for sale on there so feel free to check it out.

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Anthrax-"State of Euphoria" LP<b>
Aus-Rotten-"...and now back to our programming" (Poster) LP
Anti-Fascist Underground LP
Artimus Pyle- "Civil Dead"
Assfort- 90-93 (Picture Disc)(Japanese Import) LP

All Bets Off-"Roshambo Death match" EP
A//Political-" Propaganda by deed" EP
Assfort- "Don't throw up dirty stuff" (rough translation) (Japanese Import) EP
Aus Rotten- "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" EP
Aus Rotten- "Perverted Patriotism" EP


Breakfast- "Vertigo" LP
Bikini Kill- LP
Bristole- "Won't Die for you" LP

Blackfork "Hormel is giving..." EP
Born/Dead EP


Crucial Section- "Language isn't the only way of communication" (RARE Japanese import) LP
Curtainrail- "To be with you" (Japanese band) LP
Chain of Strength- "One thing that still holds true" LP
Conflict- "Turning rebellion into money" LP
Conflict- "Increase the pressure" LP
Crass- "Feeding of the 5000" (Poster) LP

The Control- 10”

Cattle Decapitation EP
Chupacabra "Tired of talking to shadows" EP
Chupacabra/Moral Hazard Split EP
Code 13 EP
Counterpoise- "Liberate
Crucial Attack


Dead and Gone- "God loves everyone but you" LP
Death Threat- "Peace and Security" LP
Down in Flames- "West Coast Tour 2002" (EXTREMLEY RARE Special Issue) LP
Dystopia- "Human=Garbage" LP

Deathreat EP
Deadfall EP
D.R.Y- "Shut up death" EP (Not a misspelling it's a Japanese band named D.R.Y not D.R.I)


Exclaim- "Critical Exploder" (Japanese Import) LP
Ebullition LP


Foetus- "Hole" LP
Foetus- "Sink" (Japanese Import) LP
Fuck on the beach- "Endless Summer" LP
Funeral- LP

The Futures- "Electric Wave from the Underground" (Japanese Import) LP
Face of Change 1990 Demos x2 EP (Japanese)


Godstomper- "A Better tommorow" LP
Government Issue LP

Gauze (Japanese) EP
Gostomper- "Root of all Emo" EP


Holding On- "Just another day" (Special RARE Issue) LP

Holding On/The Real Enemy- split EP
Holding On/Coalition- Split EP


Ill Repute- "Mellete" LP
Ill Repute- "What happens next?" LP
Iowaska- "Vine of Souls" LP

Innopposition EP
Iron Lung/Teen Cthulu Split "Tentacled Breathing" EP


Jellyroll Rockheads- "Intense" EP
Jellyroll Rockheads/Exclaim Split "Never trust" EP


Kung-Fu Rick/Curtainrail- Split EP


Lard- "70's rock must die" LP
Los Crudos- "Spitboy" LP

Lie- "Why?" (Japanese import) EP


Madball- "Hold it Down" LP
Municipal Waste/Crucial Unit Split "Waste the shit" and "Thrashaholics anonymous" LP

Manchurian Candidates- "Double Crossed" EP
Masskontrol- "Warpath" EP


Naturecore- "With love" LP
Nausea- "Extinction" LP
Nine Shocks Terror- "Zen and the art of beating your ass" LP
No WTO Combo- "Live from the battle in Seattle" LP
NoNoYesNo- "Japanese Mondo Bread" LP
Noothgrush- "Hatred for the species" LP

Nausea- "We Cycle" EP
Nausea- "Cybergod" EP
No Class/Cease and Desist- "Censorship of fools" Split EP
No Justice- "Still fighting" EP


One Way System- "All systems go" LP
Oppressed Logic- "It's Harrasment" LP
Oppressed Logic- "Ain't a damn thing changed" LP

Oppressed Logic- "PC Full of shit" EP


Plutocracy- "Sniping the system" LP



Rambo- "Wall of Death the System" LP
Raw Power- "Trust Me" LP
Raw Power- "Time to kill" LP


Sinister Six- "Outta Sight" LP
Siouxie and the Banshees- "Tinderbox" LP
The Smiths- "Rank" LP
The Smiths- "Heartfull of Hollow" LP
Society of Friends AKA The Quakers- "Growing up moving away" LP
Static Faction- "Hindi Punk Rock Raya" LP

Scholastic Deth- "Shackle Me Not" EP
Scholastic Deth- "Revenge" EP
Shikabane- (Japanese Import) EP
STFU- "Miserable Existence" EP


Tear it Up/E.T.A- Split LP
Total Fury- "13 songs" LP
Toxic Narcotic- "89-99" LP
Tragedy- LP

Tear it Up- EP
Totsugeki Sensya- EP


UK subs- "Peel Sessions 78-79" LP







Back to the Grindstone LP
Best of the Big Bands (no cover) LP
Heroes and Villains LP
Not so quiet on the Western Front LP
Possessed to Skate LP
Punk Patrol LP
South America In Decline LP

Barbaric Thrash Nation CD+EP


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