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Hello everyone, Paul Navarro here with the New York Times article of the week. In recent news, the New York Knicks have released Trevor Azaria and Shandon Anderson to create room for a key free agent acquisition. His name? Karl Malone. Malone is brought here from the free agent list after playing on last year's runner-up NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. While with the Lakers, Malone amassed 13.2 points per game with 8.70 rebounds per game and 3.9 assists per game.

When asked about Malone's arrival in New York, New York Knicks general manager Isiah Thomas said that Malone is a dominant force. "Karl is a dominating foward in the league, one of the remaining players from the "Jordan Era." Karl knows how to rebound, shoot, and pass. He is amazing in every aspect of the word. Although he only played a little more than half of the season last year, I am confident he will lead us to a ring."

Malone seems happy on the advent of his arrival and hopes to play a lot. "I hope to play a lot on this team, because I feel that with my help this team will get a winning record and win a championship. Young bucks like (Stephon) Marbury and (Jamison) Brewer have the potential to bust out for dynamic numbers this year, and I feel that with my presence I can help this happen."

That's all we were able to get out of the interview, but check in my "Other NY Times" section of O-Unit's Knicks site for more articles by me, Paul Navarro. Adios, compadres.