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The Send Chris Money Project

Okay so right about now you might be asking yourself.  Who is Chris?  And why should I send him money.  Well these are both very excellent questions and I intend to address both of them right now. 

Firstly let's cover the "Who is Chris" question.

The person in that picture staring aimlessly back at you is none other then "Chris"  a.k.a.  "me".  Okay that was an easy one.  Maybe you're ready for a much harder question to answer mainly:

Why should I send Chris money?

I am broke. I live in Washington County in Maine and it is poor here.  So poor that I've gone four year without a job,  and have racked up quite a bit in debt for student loans and various other things.  Many have asked why I simply don't move and just make a better life for myself.  Believe me if it was only that easy then I surely would.  However despite having a number of people I lovingly call friends whom mostly have their own places there is simply no room for me anywhere to move to and try a better life.  As for family, well think of the situation with my friends and then take away the part about having a number of them.  I'm not close with 90% of my family and the other 10% all live around here.   I'm not being greedy I just want an opportunity to pay off my debts and try to get ahead in life.  

So how much should I donate?

Quite honestly any amount is welcome.  Whether it be one penny or one dollar.  No amount is too small, and no amount is too big, that much is for sure.  And if it's a question of if you can give a certain amount of times, believe me when I say that nobody can donate too often to such a personal cause to me.

Ok so you've talked me into it but what's in it for me?

Absolutely nothing. I'm not offering anything, or promising anything. The only thing that you'll have is the warm feeling left in your heart after a good deed.  The feeling that because of you someone can sleep easier tonight knowing they're one step closer to where they dream of being.  For me that place is being out of debt. 

Where do  I send money?

Any questions can be addressed to:

Checks and money orders can be mailed to:

Chris Hancock

C/O Send Chris Money Project

19 Fowler St.

Calais, ME 04619

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