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Black Diamond Krew

and The Airport might as well be the same thing. Since 96' from the help of local skaters and Atomic Surf and Skate we were able to bring together a team of local skater (Black Diamond) to build an indoor skatepark we call The Airport. From having it outdoor, with just a rail and box, we have expanded it to being inside a large airport hangar, not exactally cleaned up yet, but has enought room to build and skate what we need. The Airport has a 7ft bank ramp that leads to a pyrimid with a 4ft deck on top (so its "great" to learn new tricks over) and a 12ft grind box that go's across the pyrimid (not down it) which leads to a 12ft long, 3 ft. high 1/4 pipe. The halfpipe section has 2 1/4 pipes for beginners or for the best looking for a "tech" time, and a halfpipe which is 5 1/2ft high, 16ft wide, has a 7 1/2ft extention, and a 6 1/2ft rollin. For the best of the best or the worst of the worst, we have something for everyone!
Want some ramps at your place? Hit us up at Atomic.. we'll build'em!
We are always open for more members and ideas so hit us up with some emails at

Dont forget to check out The Airport page on or just check out The Airport link on the links section.

  • We can take your skate videos, edit them, and send them to your favorite skate company and also send you a copy back.
  • We can keep you informed with local skate competitions, and also enroll you.
  • We can help you be seen by other companies.
  • Make your own home videos for your viewing
  • WE CAN BUILD AND CONSTRUCT SKATE RAMPS! Our professional construction team is always sitting on go!

    Black Diamond Krew - Atomic Surf and Skate - The Airport

    What Would Be Your Sponcer?
    If you could have any sponcer from any company.. what would be your choice?? Let us know whats hot!
    Black Label
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    Whats Your Most Used Skateboarding Item?
    What do you go through the most out of skateboarding? Shoes, Cloths, Boards? What would you like to see more of at your local shop??
    New Shoes
    New Cloths
    New Boards
    New Wheels
    New Trucks
    New Acessories
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    We want to hear from YOU! If its anything from how bad we suck and cant do crap worth throwing away let us know! Were here for you and we want you!
    Pictures from the Atomic Team! Their killer! Check them out!

    The Airport