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A Wet Noodle Production


The Band
The Doosh Fest

THE DOOSH FEST IS COMING UP SO BE PREPARED TO DO THE DOOSH.WE DONT KNOW WHEN YET BUT WE DO KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE BIKING SO IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE AN URGE TO DO THE DOOSH THIS YEAR THEN COME OUT AND DO IT BABY. CALL 830-5350 FOR MORE DETAILS We are collecting money for a new camera for our video, our videos have never really gone right or been good except will-o-bees prank phone calls,those are great, but were hoping to make a good video soon, but you dont have to donate money its just required, haha whatever, just donate you sons of............ Wet Noodle Production Drew Sachenbacher "The Shreader" Will Parker "Will-o-bee" Tyler Stewart "Bunghole" Tanner Stewart "Flagboy"

Wet Noodle Features