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Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Ok, some of you may have seen the movie "White Noise". Now although it was a good movie, it was Hollywood folks. But the subject of the film ,EVP, actually exists! So it is based loosely on fact. This is a quote from the AA-EVP.

"What is EVP/ITC?

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the term traditionally used to describe unexpected sounds or voices sometimes found on recording media. EVP initially involved audio tape recorders, but in later years, virtually any recording medium became a vehicle for phenomena. The term Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) came into being to describe these expanded modes of audio- and video-format communication. Other acronyms used in the literature include Electronic Disturbance Phenomena (EDP) and Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC).

The Hypothesis: The working hypothesis proposed by the AA-EVP may be summed up this way:
* There is an aspect of reality that is not yet defined by physical science. This may be termed "nonphysical reality."

* Entities exist in nonphysical reality. Evidence indicates that there are the following types of entities:

* Self that has survived physical death. When you transition out of your body at the time of death, you as Self, apparently continue to exist in nonphysical reality. These discarnate Selves appear to reside on many levels of existence. They also represent many different levels of spiritual maturity. These are loved ones who have transitioned out of physical life.

*Entities who are Self but who have not experienced physical existence. Perhaps these are people who evolved in other levels or dimensions of reality.

*Entities who are Self, but who are focused on the operation of reality, rather than experiencing reality. In more popular terms, these are devic entities or angels.

* Entities who may actually be Self existing in other parts of physical reality, but who have learned to transition in and out of nonphysical reality at will. (Could these be extraterrestrials?)

* There is an energetic difference between physical and nonphysical reality. Bridging this difference is not a trivial task.

* Nonphysical objects, including things, emotions and ideas, must somehow energetically agree with the level of reality that they are to occupy.
* The EVP experimenter provides the necessary circumstances with technology and by gathering energy used by the entity to communicate.
To paraphrase this hypothesis, EVP experimenters know they are communicating with some form of intelligence. Different experimenters report contact with different types of entities. The experimenter uses technology, yet there is also considerable evidence that the experimenter is an important part of the "circuit". In other words, if long-dead Uncle John is to communicate, he must find a way to bring his thoughts/words into physical substance. That channel of communication is provided by the experimenter and his electronic equipment. Exactly how this is accomplished is not clear; however, mediumship and the ability to record have been shown to be learned abilities. The attitude and desire of the individual is central to this experience.

We understand that this hypothesis may sound outlandish to some, but the AA-EVP invites you to learn to record so that you may experience this phenomena for yourself. There is ample instruction for recording in the Articles/Techniques section of this site. The Association will approach the who, what, and how of these messages from an analytical perspective. By maintaining a rational view, it is hoped that people from a broad range of backgrounds and divergent views will feel comfortable participating in the field.

Who is causing EVP messages?

The evidence indicates that the only hypothesis designed to explain EVP messages that answers all of the observed facts is the Survival Hypothesis. In this hypothesis, it is argued that we survive physical death and go on to live in other levels of reality. We believe that most of the EVP messages are initiated by people who once lived in our world.

There are some indications that other communicating entities in EVP are entities who either still live or once lived on other worlds in our Universe (extraterrestrials), entities who may not have experienced a physical lifetime and entities who might best be described as angelic. In some cosmologies, the angelic entities are thought to be of a different hierarchy of creation and are related to operation of reality while our hierarchy is more related to the creation and experiencing of reality.

We should remind you that all of this is speculation and its proof awaits considerably more evidence."

I have a few samples my Girlfriend has recorded, and once she e-mails me I will post them here. But here are some Other samples.