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Corey-15yrs old

My Favorite things to do

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Hey whats up. Im Corey fom Elk Grove Ca. I play bass and skate. I have a black Ibanez 5 string that is sweet i just got it so its not on there yet. During my skating years, the best things ive done was 50-50 a ten stair ledge, ollie an eleven stair and nollied a seven. I have two close best friends named Joe C. and Jeff M. They are pretty good at skating. Markeda our drummer, also skates and can do the basics like ollie and kickflip. If you click on the Godman Skate Team you can see me on the right bottom sitting on the ground. Joe is right next to me and Ryan is on the way left standing up and Jeff is the second person from the right standing up. To see our pictures though click on THE GODMAN CREW. Also i am in a blue shirt hitting a six stair rail. Joe has also done that one.