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X=A Page For My Awesome Group Of Friend!=X

Im a teenage guy with lots of wonderful events that had happened in my life. Wonderful family , awesome friends from my secondary school and lots more.. As seen in the picture, they are my close friends , sister and brothers. looks cool eh? Okok! You dudes out there don't feel left out in this website k! I will try to find and upload a picture with everyone in it..  
 Anyway this is just a testing website!=) I am trying to learn to make a website maybe must seek Yangchun's help..=) Ok "Gay" mode on.. time to list what i love about u guys !!! 
 Starting with Zhiheng, my Gorgor.. still remember the first impression he gave me in sec 1 was he's a joker and a chatter-box.. LOL still remember you trying to fix up your pant zip with staples!!! A really nice brother he is. Then follow up by Yangchun, 2nd Gorgor.. remembered in sec 1.. went to his house after school!! First day of school in Monkshill Sec. and i went to his home.. those were the days when we were fish fanatics! Can be really serious and of course out-going too! 
 Benson.. At first i have the impression on him as a irritating kid back in sec 2.. but he proves to be a really good friends when im in need and im quite thankful to his "listening" ears. Sheng Phuay.. A guitar rocker.. ex primary schoolmate and resembles a "fu zhou fishball" Gabriel..Once a turtle always One! jkinG~ He's the friend i knew after Yangchun in Sec1.. kept calling me "mogi". A friend born to make people around him laugh till you sometimes nearly drop dead. 
Chengju.. The "cool" guy with a Jay Chou attitude and the person who hates me to the core in Sec 1 for unknown reasons. This shadow of Jay Chou introduced me to skateboarding. Thanks Dude! Benjamin.. The Great Bird! A walking and flying english dictionary! A great friend who contributes to the joy of our group! Chiwei.. A natural and independant leader as he's the oldest in our group! Weixiang.. The guy who always acts blur but inside him.. he might be a different character from the surface! Who knows! He just leveled to learning the flashes of "Double-Dragon"! 
 Listing of friends are not listed accordingly..=) But the 2 brothers must list first! hahaha! So in the end i am really thankful that i meet such a unique and "Du Yi Wu Er" group of friends! Have great joy in everything you dudes do and don't forget to keep in contact!