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HeY WaTs Up AnD WeLcOmE 2 HeLl, KeEp Ur HaNdS aNd FeEt InSiDe ThE VeHiClE aT AlL tImEs (AnYtHaNg ElSe Is AlRiTe), No DrInKiN(bEsIdEs AlChOlIc BeVeRaGes), No EaTiN (aNyThAnG hElLtHy), No DrUgS mAy Be UsEd (XcEpT 4 PoT, cOcAiNe, hErOiNe, ExTaCy, AnD aNy OtHeR "DeAdLy" DrUgS), iF aNyThInG bAd ShOuLd HaPpEn ThEn Ur AlL F***ED cAuSe I'm OuTtA hErE sEe Ya, Na I'm JuSt KiDiN yA, sO yA rEaLlY wAnNa KnOw AbOuT mE wElL wErE dO i StArT i HaVe 2 BrOtHeRs (BoTh OlDeR)aNd 2 SiStErS (1 oLdEr 'n YoUnGeR)

ToP 20 FrIeNdS