And so, in the back of the limo, staring outside at the stormy weather, Ashley leaned her head against the window.
"Something the matter, hun", Joel asks
She turns her head slowly, and smiles.
"No, everything is just fine. I'm a little tired though. Last night was exhausting".
Joel, smiling at the brief thought about just what happened last night, shuffles across the seat to cuddle her.
"Yeah babe, it was good. You're the best ya know."
He leans his head on her shoulder and they stare out at the rain pouring down....
See, what had originally happened, was all a freak accident.

Vanessa, Valerie and Ashley were touring around Naptown. It was a road trip, and it was the first time the three mates met each other.
They had plans to see Good Charlotte in concert in a nearby town. Driving around in Vanessa's red saturn, blaring Blink 182 on the radio. Ashley screaming nonsense out the window, and Val snoozing in the back seat.

"Oh shite.I think we're lost" Vanessa exclaims after noticing the same street names they had seen just 10 minutes ago.
"Someone's an idiot" Ashley exlaims and laughs.

After backtracking to the freeway, and heading in what they believe is the right direction....the sky darkens suddenly. Hail the size of golf balls start plummeting down. Driving becomes a dangerous sport. Ashley and Val start screaming they are gonna die, and Vanessa's knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly.
"Keep your eyes open for a motel to stop at. I'm not driving any longer than I have to" Vanessa claims.
"I don't think there will be a concert in this weather. I think there's gonna be a tornado. Lookit the way the trees are bending!!!" Vanessa replies.
"HEY! OVER THERE! THERE'S A PLACE!" Ashley jumps and starts pointing.

They pull into the parking lot of a run down roach motel. The brick is fallen down, some windows are broken, but the sign says "Vacant" so it's still open for business. Vanessa parks beside the only other vehicle there, a large black van. They get out, and head inside.
"EWWWWWWW! this place stinks!" Val snorts and Ashley starts making gagging noises...
"Hush!" Vanessa whispers and heads towards the old man behind the front desk.
"You ladies need a room to hide in from dat der storm outside?" the old man cackles.
"Yes sir...thank you sir". Vanessa claims and takes the keys.

They load up their belongings into their room. It's a sucky little hole in the wall, and smells like crap. Ashley has her portable cd player with her, and starts to play some music. They start to dance and have a good time when there is a knock at the door.
"SHIT!" they all look at each other, and are frozen in place. Val makes for the door, and cautiously opens it.
"HEY! Is there a party going on in herrre?" a familiar voice inquires
And Joel, Benji and Chris' faces pop in the doorway. Vanessa, Ashley and Val freak. It turns out that the van belongs to Good Charlotte, and they were caught in the storm as well. But all there cds and stuff was on the tour bus, which was already at the concert. It's severe weather in town, and the concert is cancelled. Billy and Paul were in their rooms, talking on their cells to their girlfriends. Joel, Benji and Chris were just out walking the halls looking for something to do, when they heard "Evanesence" playing...

After a few minutes of calming down, we all head out to the vending machines and break into them, stealing the pop and chips, and we start up a party in the hotel room....

Sometimes unexpected storms are a good thing...