+++ Quotes Page Three +++

Ashley: OMG!!! My GC fetish is watching Joel wank!!
Ashley: *ahem* yeah
Stacey: ergh
Ashley: I'd probably watch actually....
Ashley: no. No I wouldn't. Bad..bad brain
Ashley: pmsl I wanna see the Paul results

(I said this to a few people, just go get the responses)
Ashley:don't u hate it when u take these gc quizzes and you're terrified you're gonna get Paul and you get Joel anyways?
Jess: You mean Billy...when I get Billy
Jo: Um...yes, Ashley. All the time
Rosie: Erm..no
Stacey: Hmmm not really

Ashley: Aw, Mr Away Message!! You're so sweet! *giggles*
(Few seconds pass)
Ashley: *Gasp* No, Vanessa does NOT scratch her bum and sniff it!!

Ashley: *Points and laughs* HA! AHAHAHA!! YOU RETARD!!

Ashley: Are you gonna leave your name on? I like talking to your away message
Vanessa: would you like to talk to my away message ?
Ashley: yes
Vanessa: k
Ashley: *is excited and waits* Go on, Nessa. Get going!! Mr Away Message is coming over
(Away Message comes on)
Ashley: Hellooo!!
Vanessa's Away Message: This is Ashley's message since she requested me to leave my away message on....cause I'm going now to go wash my hair...and redye it...be back in awhile...

Ashley: It's always good to know what flavoured GC condom you are. It'll be handy in the future. "Well, no. I failed all of my exams but I know which flavoured Good Charlotte condom I am!! I'm Joel/Rasberry!!"

Ashley: Did you pick Joel?!
Jo: Yes. Best out of the ugly bunch
Ashley: *Points and laughs* Wait...so did I.

Ashley: Wow! Ultimate digital camera filter!! umm..don't care *Deletes email*

Ashley: I think I'm jinxed, Everytime I IM you, you get booted. *Stays quiet*

Ashley: Oh, be quiet, silly person

Ashley: Don't you love this song, mum? (Complicated by GC)
Mum: No. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of them all. I wish you'd get some new CDs
Ashley: Well, I really want the Mest album but I need some money....that's where you come in
Mum: But..I...ohhh!!
(I hold my hand out for money. Mum puts the money in my hand and I pocket it)
Ashley: Now don't blame me. You bought that on yourself.

Jo: Sounds fun
Ashley: *Yawns loudly* Yeah....great

Ashley: YEAH!!! Motivation Proclaim....*falls asleep typing cause it's so long*

Stacey: I'm gonna go join all the GC fanlistings now..about time
Ashley: I'm gonna sit and stare at the wall

Ashley: Why are you typing in arial?

Stacey: Did your dad stop shouting?
Ashley: no Stacey, he's been shouting non-stop since Thursday

Ashley: From now on I'm gonna spell fucked "fuct"
Vanessa: Fuct up kid
Ashley: I rest my case

Ashley: I just said 'ship investment' four times.

Stacey: Motivate me
Ashley: Motivate yourself, lazy

Ashley: I was gonna say "damn my Sprite" but you must never condemn my Sprite

Ashley: God that was one for my quotes page and I can't even update it

(Reads a Benji quote, sits back in her chair, shocked)
Ashley: Benji said something normal

(Screams really loudly)
Ashley: MY HERO!!!

Ashley: Please, don't complement me before I attempt the stairs. My ego will inflate even more, my head will get bigger and as a result, I will fall down the stairs. And you wouldn't want that hanging over you, would you?

Ashley: Skip with me, Andrew darling, skip with me. Rancid always sounds better with skipping!!


Ashley: You'd marry a Mexican?! What the frig!! Is Justin Mexican??!?! Or do you just like twats in hats?!

Ashley: Fermez la bouche!!

Ashley: I am the master of the biro!

Matt: Ash, I want you to accumulate the chinese order from the family in list form

Ashley: mine goes; Joel, David, Tom...then kinda fades into Freddie/Pierre/Seb/Knoxville

Ashley: I think my telepathy needs new batteries

Ashley: I actually had a really really REALLY dirty dream about Joel the other night. It was so dirty it even surprised me
Jess: Please don't share details

Ashley: I really really REALLY wanna squeeze his cheeks
Jess: Like one of those annoying aunts?
Ashley: EXACTLY like one of those annoying aunts
Jess: Now THAT'S a quote!!

Ashley: I'll just email them to myself and can add them later

Ashley: And anyways, don't deny that you've never dreamt of squeezing Billy's cheeks. Or sitting on his lap and..........I think I should leave it there
Jess: dude you r are me twin! you see inside my dreams! ::gets scared..very scared:: ::hides in corner:: i think i'll shut up now
Ashley: That's right. You should be afraid. I see everything.....*disgusted face* You dirty pervert
Jess: omg you know who is my next obsession!
Ashley: uhh...of course I know...*looks for help*

Vanessa: Benji wants to become a woman. He's doing it for Tony.
Ashley: That's....that's lovely.
Vanessa: i figured it out just now. that explains the feminine piercing he just got. i guess tony told him to cool off the crazy hair. perhaps he'll grow it long? the more chub he keeps packing on, the bigger his hips and breasts will get. GOD I'M GROSSING MYSELF OUT.
Ashley: You're not the only one
Vanessa: so i thought i'd share it with you. you should do a page dedicated to our thoughts
Ashley: It would be one weird page

Jess: *notices most of the quotes are from you*
Ashley: well yeah. but that's only because I'm always with me and hear what I've said

Ashley: The quotes pages are really just there to make me feel good. They make me believe I'm a funny person; boosting my ego.

Ashley: that's pretty much all we do. sit and laugh. like a laughing sitting thing

Jess: do you realize what we saying?
Ashley:funnily enough...yes. and I'm quite scared....I'm still thinking about my dirty Joel dream
Jess: now i'm scared

Ashley: My jaw line's square. *messes with it in the mirror*

Ashley: JESS!!! Billy's here and he misses you but I'm not gonna let him see you and I'm gonna kill him with a saucepan!! DEATH BY PAN!!

(Looking at The Cutest Joel Pic You'll Ever See)
Vanessa: Awwwwwwwww
Ashley: He is so cute. Don't u just wanna squeeze his cheeks and go "aww, ickly Joely's gettin so big now!!"
(Waits a second)
Ashley: Just me then?
Vanessa: no, i'd do the same
Ashley: good. thought it was gonna start the rumours off again

(After I kicked Josh in the balls)
(Running away)
Ashley: Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before!

Ashley: you can laugh at Joel's gorgeous new hair. http://ashley.minor-threat.com/images/joel/joelnewhair.jpg
Jo: he looks lovely
Ashley: okay...*waits for sarcastic remark*
Jo: that was sarcastic

Ashley: It's always me sending you Joel pics and you making fun of them. Send me some Justin, dammit. I could do with a laugh

Ashley: Is it just me, or is Benji wearing a dress? Quick glance...I thought he'd been borrowing off Jonathan Davis again

Ashley: Just as I signed off last night Billy farted and I had to write it down so I'd remember to tell you. My cat is disgusting. You know the song "Smelly cat" that Pheobe on Friends singers? Written about Billy. Dirty bugger
Jo: Um okay, weirdo

Jo: Bonjour
Ashley: you know on addicted? Pierre sings "I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you"?? what would happen if he really was a dick?
Jo: um i dont know what your talking about
Ashley: Well, you wouldn't, you crap music listener
Jo: whatever you say...i actually love this Cd i just bought
Ashley: And I actually don't care that you love that CD because I love this CD and this CD is better. And why, you may ask. (Everyone says why) Glad you asked. Because it's Good Charlotte and that isn't.
Jo: wanna eat my ass?
Ashley: Wanna stop asking me to do dirty things to you, you pervert

(Laughing her ass off)
Ashley: My...my sister...*can't breathe* whooo...my sister thought Joel was singing.......don't.....don...DON'T WANT NO SNOT!!
(Falls off her chair laughing, listening to "Don't wanna stop" by GC)

Ashley: I can soooo speak German. "Danke Schon" See??

Ashley: Okay, I'm sick of talking in IMs now, if you want something, shout at me.

Ashley: I say some dumb stuff. people reading that page must think "wow, what an ego"

Ashley: I can't hear you as I'm too busy making noises with my mouth.

Ashley: I really do think we should sing my song now. It's called "aol's a fucking twat" and it goes a little something like this.....

Ashley: *Is having a staring contest with Joel poster* Dammit, blink!! No, not you *looks at Blink-182 poster* I meant for Joel to blink....I'm talking to PAPER!!

Ashley: Stacey, will you stop slacking with my fanlisting and add the new members please! Thank you! *Stacey closes it*
Stacey: Lol, I'll do it tomorrow
Ashley: do it now!!! *prods you with prodding stick*
(XxBenjiBitesxX has left the room.)
Jo: the power you have ash!

Ashley: At worst Stacey smells like feet, but armpits?! That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Jo: did u really make a conversation page?

Ashley: By the way Jojo, you might wanna change your age on your site from 16 to.....the number after 16 *counts*

Ashley: I gotta go in a bit. I haven't washed for a few days and I'm starting to smell a bit damp

Ashley: Just been thinking how long I've known u and we've had one argument in all that time
Rosie: Woah one argument
Ashley: That means we were destined.....Rosie?! will u marry me?
Rosie: *cries tears of joy* YES
Ashley: *jumps up* RESULT!!!

Ashley: Sometimes you think they're talking in code but then you realise it's just New York Slang (Talking about Josh and his brother, Lee)

Ashley: I always twat it up at the most important moment. I'm the type of person who'd say "I don't" at a wedding by accident

Ashley: "The next person to change her font colour will be (6 hour wait) Stacey"
(Stacey carries on using the same colour as me)
Ashley: *punches Stacey in the face* Ah well, you win some, you lose some

Ashley: Someone's emailed me a link to their website: wheels academy, um....no

Ashley: Bow down to Ashley, queen of the quotes page

Ashley: today in school I found a sp, a sp without an oon

Ashley: I just found myself in the "news chat" how exciting *slips into a coma*

Ashley: if u wanna piss the neighbours off, u can borrow my transplants cd? *waits for Jo's sarcastic remark*
Jo: i'd rather chop my arm off and dip the stump in salt

Ashley: Personally, if I was gonna die of something, I'd like herpies, plague, rabies or leprosy

Ashley: Did u know Joel didn't have his first kiss til he was 18??
Rosie: Awwwwww
Ashley: oh shit. I forgot Jo was still in here
Jo: *Trys not to laugh*
Ashley: shut up Jo. it's not funny

Jo: lol well go find some pics of Joel, stick on a GC CD and slap a smile on your face
Ashley: I can't...I can't be bothered *Pauses* I could just lick the wall...Joel's on the wall

Ashley: I can't just be funny on the spot you know. It takes seconds of hard planning

Jo: Oh my God i watched the video for girls and boys or boys and girls, whatever but i nearly wet myself. Joel does in fact have big ears
Stacey: He has sticky-out ones.
Ashley: *covers Joel's ears* Don't listen to them
Jo: can u fit ur hands round em?
Ashley: (20 minutes too late) and it's girls & boys
Jo: ok *not that i care*

Jo: one thing ash...why does he always lean forward and stick his arm out behind his back when he sings?
Ashley: I don't bloody know. What do you think I am? His stalker or something?? *looks innocent*
Jo: well he looks silly thats all....
Ashley: Joel never looks silly. And why? Because he's Joel *coughs out middle name* Madden, that's why
Stacey: Ashley i believe u coughed out his middle name..isn't his full name Joel Reuben Madden
Jo: i have heard that before. i laughed then and im laughing now
Ashley: Gee thanx Stace. Go on. Take Jo's side. See if I care. *Slowly deletes your fanlisting* I'm sooo gonna slap you in a minute
Jo: Ha Reuben. I wish I had a cool name like that.
Ashley: Stacey can talk anyway. Amelia
Stacey: yeah my nan's name, i dont have a problem with it
Ashley: And Joel's is from the bible. So shut your mother fucking face
Jo: im not even gonna tell your justins. lmao ash
Ashley: lmao, I've never said mother fucking before. I don't intend to say it again either
Jo: Justin Randell Timberlake but its ok you see, i dont mind telling you because its a fantastic name
(Ashley & Stacey both start laughing)
Ashley: Okay, so I have 3 lame middle names. Still. I can make fun of y.....(sees Justin's name) LMFAO!!!
Jo: its brilliant, what u laughing for?
Stacey: : Molly Nicole Jessika or whatever i dunno
Jo: *Keeps schtum about her middle name*
Ashley: Oh, come on. You gotta tell us now.
Jo: nope i refuse
Ashley: fine.
Jo: lol ok its Jade, laugh and die lol
Ashley: I was gonna look on your site anyway I won't laugh....but can you do one thing? Say "am I minging?"
Jo: Fuck off.

Ashley: I want a double-barrel first name. Hows about "Ashley-Brian" ??
Jo: i dont like mine being double barrel it sucks
Stacey: mine sucks too
Ashley: *cries* AT LEAST YOU HAVE ONE TO SUCK!!! *waits* That sounded dirty

Jo: Well i cant think of what to put in my blog
Ashley: put me in. Make it interesting/put people off coming to your site. Depends on how strong their stomach is

Ashley: I might aswell put this whole conversation on the quotes page. Orrrr.....I could do a new page....a....CONVERSATION PAGE!!! *Einstein eat your heart out*

Ashley: Wha? An Ash Moment? What's one of those when it's at home?

Ashley: That was just the reaction I needed, Jojo. Now I can put it on my quotes page

Ashley: I love the pic on my hotness cam. it's gorgeous (dramatic pause) hence the name "hotness cam" but Jo can't see it cause she'll make fun *covers Jo's eyes*

Ashley: God, my buddy icon rocks. *watches* oooh, go on. Go on, SHAKE IT, JOEL!!

Ashley: Joel has new hair. Well...I'm guessing he's always had that hair...he's just changed it. It isn't totally new hair. It's same old. Just different style. Oh, shut up, brain!!

Ashley: excuse me. I truly believe one day me and Joel will get married. How is that not delusional?!

Ashley: Here ya go...knock yourself out.
Stacey: Joel's ears could.
Ashley: *Slaps Stacey with a fish* Get off the boy's back!! Well...ears

Jess: You know what should be on our next layout for SIAS?
Ashley: GC Killing Avril!! WOOT
Jess: tha cartoon of gc killing avri
Ashley: *twin thing*

Stacey: Oh my God, stupid aim! *kicks it*
Ashley: Aim: OWW!!

Ashley: Shift your anus.....your anus ain't shifting quick enough!

Boring Substitute Teacher: You'll have to draw your own map of the world.
Stacie: Dunno what it looks like
Ashley: Never been there

Ashley: Stacie's brother, Craig, spells sausage "sosij"

Stacie: That's all for Blue Peter this week. And on next weeks show, John Leslie will teach you how to roughly stuff a Swede.

Ashley: I guess if you hold all your farts in, you'd probably explode

Stacie: Peas

Ashley: Andy!! I dare you to ask Sophie if she's brushed her hair today!! (Saddest part is, she said no)

Stacie: I got told off for saying "crad" yesterday
Ashley: Maybe it's a dirty word we haven't learnt yet?

Ashley: That one's good. I'm writing it down

Stacie: They're Japanese, right? They could make him out of Origami
Ashley: It could be the paper boy

Stacie: Tuff's nib fell off

Ashley: RUN, MATHS MAN!!! (To my maths teacher when the phone in his back room was ringing)

Stacie: What the fuck have I done?

Stacie: We're pretty funny people
Ashley: Ha! Don't make me laugh

Ashley: There's the door, let me use it.

Stacie: Aw, you fucking won again. (After losing another argument with me)

Ashley: I think I've just been stung (after spending 15 minutes kicking a bush of nettles)

Ashley: Stop being funny while I write it down

Stacie: Someone's weed in my toilet. You think they would go home and use their own, wouldn't you?
Ashley: No bloody manners

Stacie: You missed how far that fucking flung! (after flicking a little ball of paper off our desk in geog)

Ashley: Can you have a constipated fart? Cause it wouldn't come out, so it wouldn't be a fart, would it?

Ashley: When you think about it, outer space must really smell, because hot air rises, which means farts rise and they'd all be trapped in the atmosphere.

Ashley: Where are you, biatch? (Searching for my calculator in my bag)

Ashley: Oh, make me. Make my ass make contact with my chair, biatch. (Whispered in Biology when our teacher told us all to sit down.

Ashley: Look at her shoes. It looks like someone was sewing round the edges and slipped

Ashley: .....and this here? This is the seat I sat in when I cheated on my maths exam. And this here bit of paper is the same bit of paper me and Stacie wrote all the answers to our French exam on. We got full marks. We are smucking fart.

Ashley: Don't you hate it when there's something wet on the kitchen floor and you step in it, then about 2 minutes later you walk in and step in it again? Or when you go into the garden and *oops* you walk straight into the pond?

Ashley: I've only been online about 20 minutes and I'm bored already

Ashley: How can you have 3 and a half children?!

Ashley: I'm getting worried. Rosie hasn't changed her CD for about a month. Ya see, I can get away with it, one time I'll listen to Good Charlotte, the next time, The Young and the Hopeless.

Ashley: I'm frigging starving.

Ashley: My mum offered me sodding porridge for breakfast. Which is weird, cause she never usually feeds me. Then I realised there's actually milk in porridge, and she knew I'd say no so she was offering to sound nice so people don't realise how much of a crap mother she is, neglecting me like this.

Ashley: I need to find me a new internet buddy

Ashley: Oh joy(!) Fish fingers and micro chips(!) My favourite(!) Not
Stacey: Ash..i'll eat ur fish fingers and micro chips...im starving
Ashley: I'm eating them myself, biatch
Stacey: Fine, ho

Ashley: *goes to cook her oh so tasty lunch*

Ashley: And I've just burnt my hand on the grill. Yes, thank you Jesus

Ashley: *sniffs* Why does God hate me? Oooh, Simple Plan. *sings "God must hate me"*

Rosie: Carly is sunbathing in the backgarden now theres a site u DO NOT want to see!

Ashley: My mum's put the Sunday lunch on and pissed off

Ashley: oh fuck it *puts Good Charlotte on*

Ashley: Today my art teacher said I was talented!!! He also said I was "bloody annoying" and had some "useless crap I liked to share with everyone" but, come on. Talented!!! Moi...talented! Wow..

Vanessa: I am brilliant. BRILLIANT!! It's been a while since I wrote a short story

Rosie: Ash! I'm up to you on my friends page
Ashley: Oh Jesus
Rosie: What?
Ashley: Be gentle
Rosie: i'm gonna write how annoying u are!

Ashley: Oh goodie. I'm burning my bloody fish fingers

Ashley: What the fuck?!?! Piping hot?!?! Who cares how hot a pipe is?!?

Ashley: Okay, my kitchen's on fire. I think my food's done

Ashley: There should be a warning on micro chips: *WARNING* Do NOT take these out of the microwave with your bare hands and put them straight in your mouth. They WILL burn.

Ashley: I'm not as lucky as you.

Ashley: I learned that the hard way

Ashley: oh come on. Surely that was worth at least a "lmao"??

Ashley: *shrugs* I thought it was funny

Ashley: Yesterday on the way back from Wolverhampton we stopped off at Wimpy. Being a vegetarian, I only had some chips. Did you know you get about 6 chips per bag at Wimpy?

Ashley: Well, I'm a vegetarian, so BURGER King is straight out the picture

Ashley: I only eat fish. And sometimes that's nasty

Ashley: My fish fingers have gone. :-\ I only had 4. Why oh why didn't I cook more? Ooh, that rhymed

Ashley: Stacie eats marmite.

Ashley: I put another 4 in. There are only 2 left in the box. I could eat them too, but my mum'd probably beat me cause she's cooking my dinner. Although she's out so *shrug*

Ashley: I'm sorry, but I said "NEW BENJIFUL MEMBER!!!!" and nobody wooted or nothing
Ashley: Thank you

Rosie: I have absolutely nothing to do
Jo: Bake a cake

Ashley: I put my fishfingers under the grill and didn't turn it on. I am a mongo, hear me growl

Ashley: *listening to Say Anything*
Rosie: *listening to Riot Girl*
Ashley: ha! I'm infront of you!!

Ashley: excuse me. Shut up

Ashley: Did you know they made Cherry tango?! I didn't

Ashley: You'd think the chips nearest the top would cook first but, nope. The bottom ones do

Ashley: Emotionless is on and I'm crying again. Damn you, Joel

Ashley: *speaks with her mouthful* Would anyone like a fish finger? They're drowned in vinegar so they don't feel out of place. I made sure they were wet

Ashley: I need a pee. Make sure Billy doesn't eat my food

Ashley: I just fitted a fishfinger whole in my mouth. *is proud*

Ashley: *puts more vinegar on her food* what the fuck am I doing? the plate's empty!!

Stacey: ARGH! i give up with the stupid match. I cant even finger a stupid lighter!! (She meant to say find, lmao)

Ashley: I spilt sunny d on my keyboard *shrugs and carries on drinking*

Ashley: I thought that said "Kiss your ass goodbye" then but it said "kiss your ads goodbye"

Dad: Glor..why does food that gets into a gap in your tooth stink so badly?

Sadie: When I went I saw leaf cutter ants, they were marching up the tree carrying leaves
Ashley: cool.... I bought an inflatable giraffe and named it Joel

Ashley: should we all join in with my sing song? it's called "aol is a fucking twat"

Rosie: I nearly said bargins (bargains)
Ashley: You nearly said it then too

Jo: Back!!
Ashley: Oh, joy

Ashley: she keeps textin me begging me to go to her house or ring her or whatever *scared*

Ashley: I made cola explode all over the kitchen

Ashley: I told Brit I couldn't go out because my mum had rabies and I had to wipe the foam from her mouth

Ashley: my arm is itching like a very itchy thing

Ashley: so Jo, it's like "Apart from the stuff I haven't done, it's all finished" ??

Ashley: Superman Can't Walk by GC is better than Superman by Eminem

Ashley: uh, yes, Joanna, yes

Ashley: stop me when you've reached your point

Ashley: And, what, my dear friend, may I ask is wrong with Good Charlotte?
Jo: They suck
Ashley: I don't believe I've got time for you anymore *leaves*

Ashley:my frigging ftp is being a little biatch and not letting me in. It's like "Ha, yeah, beg for it, ho. You ain't getting in MY FTP account!! *evil laugh* Beg me, biatch, BEG ME!!!"

Ashley: everyone spells my name wrong. you're just following the trend
Jo: i thought you said turd then

Ashley: I'm not as polite as you. "Turd" isn't even in my vocabulary

Ashley: if u would, that would be spiffing

Ashley: You know? Where the iframe's go? or the aligning..if you go for that kinda thing *wink wink*

Ashley: Cause I, my deary, am a genius

Ashley: Don't worry. *zips mouth* your secret is safe with me. how could I finish that sentence with my mouth zipped?
Rosie: Dunno, but you just did.
Ashley: Magic

Ashley: It's nothing. Just lurrrrvely Joel looking lurrrrrvely

Rosie: I fucking love this song
Ashley: WOW! Me too! What you listening to? *My Bloody Valentine*

Rosie: *Sings* 50 Thousand tears I've cried!
Ashley: *slaps Rosie* SHH!! I can't hear Joel!!
Rosie: *rubs face* Ow!

Stacey: *sends me a pic of Joel and some fan* Lmfao, Joel sooo wants to be there.
Ashley: Joel's like "Yeah, don't touch me and we'll all get home safely"

Rosie: *sings* Wake me up inside!!!
Ashley: I'll put you to sleep if you don't shut up.

Rosie: Awww i read the papers today and a little girl died and guess what she was called! ROSALEEN!!!
Ashley: *gasp* it wasn't you, was it?
Ashley: *cries* Emotionless is playing. I seriously can't listen to this song.
Rosie: Lmfao
Ashley: It isn't funny, dead girl!!

Ashley: Oh yes. Ohhhhhh, yes. The Crotch pictures have arrived

Ashley: *sings along to the young and the hopeless* But we're changing the words. it's the young and the homeless (pause) Good....good song.

Ashley: Okay, now my brain hurts.

Ashley: I don't like children. They smell funny

Ashley: I'm not that unpredictable. It's pretty obvious I'm gonna make a joke out of it.

Stacey: I feel sweaty.
Ashley: I don't. *Shows Stacey her new sweatband*
Stacey: *pokes it* Wow!!

Ashley: Rosie, say something funny so I can put it on my quotes page

Ashley: Ooooh, that qualifies

Ashley: There are six letters in my name. 1 2 3 4 5 6

Rosie: I can't say anything funny! I'm funnyless

Stacey: Did ya know it's Avril day on MTV?
Ashley: *Shoots herself in the head*

Stacey: Dya think Joel has hairy pits? Cause I saw Benji's the other day
Ashley: Quite possibly, yes.
Stacey: The whole twin thing going on.
Ashley: And the fact that they're grown men.....My Dad doesn't have hairy pits, but my brother does.
Stacey: So does my brother!!
Ashley: Then again, the most hair my dad ever had on his chest was 6....my mum counted them once. And my brother's like.....whoaaaaa
Stacey: my brother has sooooooo much hair on his legs (pause) *Just thought* We're comparing hair on our brothers. Change of subject please
Ashley: My brother has alot of hair on his legs too.
Stacey: Maybe they're long lost hair twins?? i bet my brother shaves all his hair of his head, and sticks it on his legs
Ashley: We seriously need to change the subject.
Vanessa: yah. Joel would have hairy pits just like Benjahole..
Ashley: It has been confirmed!!
Vanessa: at least they are not too hairy....or maybe they get waxed?
Ashley: okay too much info now

Ashley: *dances to "bring me to life"* this isn't really a song u can dance to, but I have mastered it

Ashley: I am the master......okay, I sounded like my brother then.
Vanessa: *bows down to master*

Ashley: Hey my biatch!! *waves to Rosie* (no reply) um...okay. Maybe I should just be silent

Rosie: boom shaka laka

Ashley: Can u think of any other pages I can put on Benjiful?
Vanessa: not right now cause i threw my brain out with the trash, accidentally. but when i get it back, i'll let you know

Ashley: My head hurts. I must've been thinking again.

Ashley: in the past 3 days I've used 9 packets of cappuccino

Ashley: Ooooh! Did I show u my monkey?!?!

Ashley: Damn you, Stacey. can't trust you with anything! *tuts*

Ashley: I'll be your ho if you be my biatch?

Ashley: I like tourniquet

Ashley: Joel "hotstuff" Madden

Ashley: Yeah, he looks spiffy

Ashley: *Rosie's ego inflates*

Ashley: I think if Benji still looked like that I'd like him better than Joel....I said I THINK
Stacey: Whoaaaaa.

Ashley: Lmao @ Homer's "Safe Deposit Closet"

Ashley: the halle...hallelo.....the Jesus one

Stacey: Just think, if u take any letters from yours and Joel's name, and could put them anywhere, you'd end up with "Ashole"
Ashley: (speechless)
Stacey: True though
Ashley: That is the funniest thing you've ever said. I salute you
Stacey: Shibby!
Ashley: it's nice to know you think of asses when you think of me

Stacey: I had bon. (spagetti bolognaise) on my leg. Me <--dirty tramp

Rosie: Well we just got back from London and I went into the Conservatory and thought whats that smell! Then I looked down and sure enough the cat had left us a little pressy in my lil sis' LUNCH BOX! I was in stitches laughing!

Stacey: Brrrraaaiiiiiiiinnnnn frrrreeeeeeeeezzzzeeeeee!
Ashley: *Smacks Stacey's head*
Stacey: Paaaaiiiiiinnnnn frrrrrreeeeeeeezzzzzeeeeee!!

Ashley: I would offer but I am un-animationable

Ashley: some twat outside is revving his motorbike. I'm gonna deck him in a minute

Ashley: My mom bought this muscle toner thing and I tried it on my ass...it's hilarious....this is gonna be our new toy for the next few weeks

Rosie: oh gawd i have no idea why i said that

(Britney is threatening to jump off the roof) Ashley: Britney, no!!! Just...just give me the Good Charlotte CDs....please, don't damage them. They're all I've got to live for."

Ashley: Josh said it was selfish. SHE was selfish. She was gonna smash my GC CDs

Ashley: sorry I took so long. I was on planet Joel Madden for a second

Ashley: I've just done the weirdest half yawn type thing. i yawned and ran out half way. Ran out of gas if you will. Maybe I'm so tired I'm too tired to yawn?
Vanessa: Go to bed then.
Ashley: that means I gotta walk alllll the way up the stairs. 2 flights of stairs. 2 whole flights of stairs. 2 whole flights of steep, long steps... No thanx
Vanessa: Lmao!! You're killing me!!
Ashley: the guy on the advert for this roadside hotel said tiredness kills. maybe this is the proof?

Ashley: my stomach hurts so bad. I think I might start crying and get my dad to walk downstairs then carry me to bed

Vanessa: i'm trying to close my msn chat but i can't!!! can't find the button!!!
Ashley: I was gonna say smack it, but you can't smack something you can't find