X0LoserAnthem0X [19:20]: Okay I'm sick of this now so just shut up and listen. I'm sorry for whatever. I don't even know why we argued in the first place and I'm sorry if I offended you or something. So..I'm just..sorry

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:22]: I'm so pissed off with these stupid arguments over nothing. And if we're not ever gonna talk again then fine but I don't want you thinking that I hate you

XxOwens BabexX [19:22]: well I'm sorry too

XxOwens BabexX [19:23]: ^^

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:23]: Hang on...I just cut my arm with my finger nail going to smack my dad. brb

XxOwens BabexX [19:23]: lol ok X0LoserAnthem0X [19:25]: we dont even have a frigging plaster. Oh yay..I'll just bleed to death then

XxOwens BabexX [19:25]: lol *hands you a barbie plaster*

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:25]: lmao thanx

XxOwens BabexX [19:25]: Look I realise that its all my fault we argued and I was wrong, I realised after the fight during the night, when I well, I don't know whether to tell you what i did but anyway lets just put it behind us.

XxOwens BabexX [19:26]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:26]: Just forget it all. Once arguments happen, I always do the same thing if we make up; just forget it happened cause the more you dwell on it the more you start to realise how much you hate each other

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:27]: My school was on the TV earlier...my sister was in the background. Oh, twas a proud moment in our family history

XxOwens BabexX [19:27]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:27]: friends?

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:27]: oh go on then. but just this once ;-)

XxOwens BabexX [19:28]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:28]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:28]: I told my mum I think I'm dying of bloodloss and she laughed at me

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:28]: thats nice isn't it?

XxOwens BabexX [19:28]: aww

XxOwens BabexX [19:29]: very

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:29]: Wonder where Jess is...I need her to delete my indexx page. :-\ poo

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:29]: that monkey's kinda cross-eyed. Scary

XxOwens BabexX [19:29]: I guess I started it cos you always seemed to go on about Jess and Vanessa and it seemed like you didn't wanna know me anymore

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:29]: pmsl, the Tony Lovato of monkeys

XxOwens BabexX [19:30]: lol

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:30]: Its okay. I guess I am a neglecterer

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:30]: take away one of the "er"s there

XxOwens BabexX [19:30]: riiiiiiiight I have no idea who the hell he is but Ill just pretend I do and laugh *pretends* Oh yeah lmao!

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:31]: pmsl the lead singer of Mest..the guy that used to be on my splash page hugging Benji

XxOwens BabexX [19:31]: yeah I knew that lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:32]: just testing you!

XxOwens BabexX [19:32]: ;-)

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:32]: lol

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:32]: Yaay! I was gonna say "I want Stacey to come off away so I can call her a moron" and she did!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:32]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:33]: you dork! ;-)

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:33]: I said "hey moron!" and she didn't reply

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:33]: ooh she did!

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:33]: she said "err thanx for that" and I said "it's carrot in Welsh. :-D" which is true

XxOwens BabexX [19:33]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:34]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:34]: I'm playing Checkers mwahahahaha

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:34]: awh frig my arm burns

XxOwens BabexX [19:34]: ahem so yeah

XxOwens BabexX [19:34]: so anyway Jess posted about me on her site too

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:34]: what she say?

XxOwens BabexX [19:35]: I can't actually remember

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:35]: did she...*whispers* did she call you a bum fluff?? Cause that is way harsh. I called my sister a bumfluff today after she said she was disappointed with her exam results. I felt so guilty later

XxOwens BabexX [19:35]: she thinks that I'm jealous of the relationship you 2 have

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:35]: :-\

XxOwens BabexX [19:35]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:36]: and she also said I'm "mean", "nasty" and "negative" to her but that is really not true

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:36]: I really cant be serious right now. I watched The Simpsons, Fresh Prince then Double MitM so I'm hyper hyper

XxOwens BabexX [19:36]: lmao MitM?

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:36]: Malcolm in the Middle

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:36]: I am becoming a lazy bum and cant type it out in full

XxOwens BabexX [19:37]: ooooooo

XxOwens BabexX [19:37]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:37]: I'm in the middle of reading some dirrrrrty gc slash lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:37]: I hate people joining my fanlistings when I'm ftp-less. So inconsiderate

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:37]: is it the strip club one?! I love that, pmsl

XxOwens BabexX [19:38]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:38]: lmao nope I just picked some random one it aint dirty yet

XxOwens BabexX [19:38]: darn it get rude already

XxOwens BabexX [19:38]: ahem yeah sorry about that outburst

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:39]: lmao you werent getting hot from the strip club one..I was *embarressed face*

XxOwens BabexX [19:39]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:39]: *sips J2o*

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:39]: seriously. It started when they mentioned the words "joel" and "erection"

XxOwens BabexX [19:40]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:40]: Dead straight. It was bad..I had to go to the bathroom

XxOwens BabexX [19:40]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:41]: I've been watching Jackass repeats for weeks now every night lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:41]: thank god I'm not a man , that's all I can say

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:41]: Pmsl I'm getting the box set from MVC. It's 28 quid so :-D

XxOwens BabexX [19:41]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:42]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:43]: PARTY BOY RULES!!! lmfao, when he goes into different stereo stores and gets them to put on the party boy music and he says to them "it makes you feel like partying, actually I kinda feel like partying right now" and starts dancing to them lmao!

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:43]: pmsl I got the best one of party boy on video

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:43]: it's fantastic when he walks out the store and goes "some people...they just dont know how to party"

XxOwens BabexX [19:43]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [19:44]: lmao yeah!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:44]: "My career in stilt diving is not neccessarily(sp?) over but for today it is" I

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:45]: lmfao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:45]: Or when Knoxville jumps the LA River on skates and he goes "there goes the best skater ever...maybe in the whole city"

XxOwens BabexX [19:45]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:46]: EWWWWWWWWWWW @ the omlette!!!

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:46]: lmfao. GO DAVE!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:46]: lmao ewwwwwwwwwyuck

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:47]: pmsl Knoxville in his suit

XxOwens BabexX [19:47]: I LOVE THE METRE FAIRY!!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:47]: METER*

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:47]: pmsl me too. My mum said he lookmed cute in his outfit

XxOwens BabexX [19:47]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:47]: I was like "mum...Ehren...nooo"

XxOwens BabexX [19:48]: lmao @ knoxville leaving the baby on the top of the car

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:48]: Pmsl I got that episode on video. You know when you rang me and I was watching Scooby Doo in my sisters room? I was watching that before

XxOwens BabexX [19:49]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:49]: and the amount of people that chase after it lmao!

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:49]: pmsl when he goes "that was a good one?"

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:49]: I love it when they set Knoxville on fire

XxOwens BabexX [19:49]: lmao yeah

XxOwens BabexX [19:49]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:50]: and Tremaine pushes him into the pool and he goes "yeah thats right. push the gimp in the pool"

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:50]: I txt everyone from school then with the message "JOHNNY KNOXVILLE JUST SAID GIMP ON JACKASS!!" cause it was my favourite word then

XxOwens BabexX [19:50]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:50]: HEY GIMP IS MY WORD LMAO

XxOwens BabexX [19:50]: I love gimp I always say

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:50]: me too. I introduced it to my school, lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:51]: it

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:51]: as I introduced dipshit and wankstain

XxOwens BabexX [19:51]: lmao me too

XxOwens BabexX [19:51]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:51]: I introduced sausage jockey in year 8

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:52]: I am the queen of new words...like when I started dickslap and dicklips

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:52]: pmsl

XxOwens BabexX [19:52]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:52]: pmsl bumlets.com

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:53]: the trapt fanlisting is bumlets.com/trapt lmfao. Reminds me of bumlips

XxOwens BabexX [19:53]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:53]: *goes to see*

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:53]: thought u might wanna join

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:53]: ERGH! Cheese fan..gross

XxOwens BabexX [19:53]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:53]: I HATE CHEESE

XxOwens BabexX [19:53]: I only like it on pizza

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:53]: this girl is like you...a serial fanlisting joiner

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:54]: I despise it. wont eat anything with it on at all

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:54]: plus the whole dairy thing

XxOwens BabexX [19:54]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:54]: what girl?

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:55]: please god do not tell me I've just gone through 180-odd fanlistings on this site and she doesn't even have the Benjiful code up. Do not say that

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:55]: ox Sugah xo

XxOwens BabexX [19:55]: lol I finally got the sias code up! lol well its actually a text link

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:55]: lol I know

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:55]: The Orange Juice Fanlisting

XxOwens BabexX [19:55]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:56]: ahem yeah

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:56]: KINDER EGG FANLISTING!!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:56]: ow! Yeah I so didn't just click the printer *rubs foot*

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:56]: pmsl

XxOwens BabexX [19:56]: yeah I'm a member pmsl! (of the oj one)

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:56]: lmao seriously?

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: OJ RULES!!!!!!!!!

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: ahem yeah

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: its the oj's fault I tell ya

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: yeah seriously I'm a member lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: *drinks j2o*

XxOwens BabexX [19:57]: nope, no I'm not drinking oj what makes you think that?

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:57]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [19:58]: gawd we haven't chatted like this for aaaaaaaages

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:58]: lol I'm just putting the goblin song as my msn name

XxOwens BabexX [19:59]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [19:59]: goblin song?

X0LoserAnthem0X [19:59]: dont tell me I've never sung it to you before!!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:00]: nope, NEVER!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:00]: *sings* see the ickle goblin, see his ickle feet. See his ickle nosey wosey, isn't the goblin sweet?

XxOwens BabexX [20:00]: LMFAO

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:00]: my msn wont log in. BASTARD!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:00]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:01]: I love the goblin song

XxOwens BabexX [20:01]: lmfao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:01]: me thinks it's time to listen to jaded..

XxOwens BabexX [20:02]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:02]: me thinks its time to drink more j2o *drinks more*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:03]: in the name it says "Mest_jaded_these_years_rns" but it goes onto a new line so it's
ars_rns" like Arse

XxOwens BabexX [20:03]: LMFAO what name?

XxOwens BabexX [20:03]: brb gotta Make Georgina a sandwich

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:04]: the file name for the song

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:04]: make me one too? I wont eat it but what the hell..if you're there...........

XxOwens BabexX [20:05]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:05]: *hands you a sandwich*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:05]: *lifts top slice of bread off and sniffs* ew what is it?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:05]: ooh msn ya bastard

XxOwens BabexX [20:05]: I wiped my arse with it

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:06]: gee thanx. Rosie shit. my favourite. yum yum

XxOwens BabexX [20:06]: lmao no problemo, anytime ;-)

XxOwens BabexX [20:06]: *eats cold nugget*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:06]: everytime you IM me, Superman can't walk goes uber loud

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:07]: *rough northern accent* cooorrr I need the pisser

XxOwens BabexX [20:07]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:08]: damn stop making the song go loud!! it makes it sound like control by puddle of mudd

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:08]: satans band as Benji calls them

XxOwens BabexX [20:08]: lmao aww I like them

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:08]: no seriously your IM IS playing control

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:08]: I'm not kidding...it is

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: you did that on purpose!! lol

XxOwens BabexX [20:09]: lmao ooo right

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: yup it is XxOwens BabexX [20:09]: its not its Creed - My Sacrifice

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: I KNEW I recognised it!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:09]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: that's bad..I got that cd un all

XxOwens BabexX [20:09]: lmfao!!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: it sounds like the beginning of..oh my lordy. SAME BAND!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:09]: well yours a bloody hysterical laugh!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: *scared*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:09]: pmsl is it? well you live and learn. *IMs herself*

XxOwens BabexX [20:10]: lmao what?

XxOwens BabexX [20:10]: lmfao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:10]: LMFAO! I sent myself an IM to hear the laughing

XxOwens BabexX [20:11]: LMFAO

XxOwens BabexX [20:11]: *goes to send herself an IM*

XxOwens BabexX [20:11]: LMFAO

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:12]: STOP RUINING MY SONG!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:12]: :'(

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:12]: dont even do it, Rosie

XxOwens BabexX [20:13]: sowwie

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:13]: sh! zip it! lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:13]: WOW! Ascending strings!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:13]: lmao!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:14]: whatever happened to burning bridges...:-\ I lost it

XxOwens BabexX [20:14]: lmao what?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:14]: Mest song I downloaded :-D

XxOwens BabexX [20:14]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:15]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [20:16]: shoooobeeeee doooooooobeeeeeeee dooooooooo

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:17]: pmsl fool

XxOwens BabexX [20:17]: lmao >:o

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:17]: pmsl

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:17]: mum calls me cause they're playing Lifestyles on DIY SOS

XxOwens BabexX [20:18]: well...well. at least I'm not a retard!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:18]: *sulks* nothing wrong with being retarded

XxOwens BabexX [20:18]: lmfao!!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:18]: anyways, my mummy says I'm not a retard. I'm a special girl

XxOwens BabexX [20:18]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:18]: *sulks and folds arms* Nothing wrong with being a fool!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:18]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:18]: Keep telling yourself that ;-)

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:19]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:19]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:19]: ahem yeah so anyway what you up 2?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:20]: listening to GC...flicking tuna at me dad

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:20]: you?

XxOwens BabexX [20:20]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:20]: playing minesweepers

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:20]: lol

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:20]: well my frigging msn wont log in...the bastard

XxOwens BabexX [20:20]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:21]: now..now no need for name calling there Joal! lmfao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:21]: worldwide what

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:21]: pmsl

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:21]: I am universally known as Joal now...it wouldn't be so bad but..well it is, lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:21]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:21]: not has bad as Bangie!

XxOwens BabexX [20:21]: as*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:21]: another reason why I appologised; I didn't wanna take the "<3's her Evil Queen" down, lmfao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:22]: if I ever get a domain, I'm gonna get worldwide-what.net

XxOwens BabexX [20:22]: lmfao!

XxOwens BabexX [20:22]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:22]: lmfao I love the worldwide what bit, it cracks me up everytime!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:22]: I rewind it all the time too just to annoy Carly

XxOwens BabexX [20:22]: nearly piss my self at it

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:22]: pmsl

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:23]: I always turn this bit up now

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:23]: the "It's GC Baby and we're working with something" I love that

XxOwens BabexX [20:23]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:23]: I love that bit too

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:24]: It was on my version 4. Jeez I can remember making that..

XxOwens BabexX [20:24]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [20:25]: ow JESARSE!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:25]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:25]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:26]: I just got a real bad pain in my chest

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:26]: put that on your quotes page, lil miss Evil Queen

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:26]: uh oh! HEART BURN!!! *fetches gaviscon*

XxOwens BabexX [20:26]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:26]: it aint heart burn pmsl its boob burn or something!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:26]: pmsl growing pains

XxOwens BabexX [20:26]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:27]: nope twas a stabbing pain OW! *clutches chaest and falls to the floor*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:27]: is your left arm tingling?

XxOwens BabexX [20:28]: (is on the floor and can't talk)

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:28]: cause if it is, I don't wanna worry you but ahem *heart attack*

XxOwens BabexX [20:28]: *wink wink nudge nudge*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:28]: LMFAO

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:28]: whoaa caps

XxOwens BabexX [20:28]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:28]: where the hell?? never mind

XxOwens BabexX [20:28]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:29]: hmmm do you have the url to that joel smile pic? you know the one you had on your hotness cam?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:29]: um..ang on

XxOwens BabexX [20:30]: oooooook

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:30]: it's still on my hotness cam, lmao. AND the paid to smile splash

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:30]: *posh voice* oh Joooooooeeeeeeeeeel

XxOwens BabexX [20:30]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:30]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:31]: but I need the original for something

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:31]: ooh you little fucker. The site I got it from, the Joel pages are down

XxOwens BabexX [20:32]: darn you

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:32]: they were hosted at strangled-angel.net :-\

XxOwens BabexX [20:32]: not you the site

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:32]: lemme look through me GC sites

XxOwens BabexX [20:32]: I know but its gone

XxOwens BabexX [20:32]: okey dokey

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:33]: gotta be here somewhere...lalala...searching..........searching.

XxOwens BabexX [20:33]: oh god! I listened to the gc tribute thing yesterday bloody hilarious!

XxOwens BabexX [20:33]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:33]: Little things is the best one. it's fugging hilarious

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:34]: I need a godforsaken piddle

XxOwens BabexX [20:34]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:35]: darn period!

XxOwens BabexX [20:35]: ahem yeah

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:36]: lmao awh

XxOwens BabexX [20:36]: I'm actually loved this girl called Jasmine put me on her loved list!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:36]: Lauren's on and she keeps putting her tampon wrappers down the bog and doesn't even put the seat down

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:37]: nobody loves me cept Kristi :'(

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:37]: and Jess and Stacey, but that's nothing

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:37]: Jess twice. and Val

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:37]: and I'm on Sadey's dailies but that's it

XxOwens BabexX [20:37]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:37]: yeah I don't love you! ;-)

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:38]: sodding well noticed.

XxOwens BabexX [20:38]: It just says "<3's her Evil Queen" for a joke!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:38]: ...................shut up :-D

XxOwens BabexX [20:38]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:39]: wow lets have fun with Benji!! *clicks the link* ooh you dirty boy

XxOwens BabexX [20:39]: LMFAO

XxOwens BabexX [20:39]: I wanna have fun with Benji too

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:39]: TOUGH!! *hugs link* MY LINK!!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:39]: wonder if there's a "fun with Joel" link...? I'd prefer that..

XxOwens BabexX [20:40]: :'(

XxOwens BabexX [20:40]: *sulks*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:40]: I feel like poking Jess in the eye. Jeebus where is my twin when I need her

XxOwens BabexX [20:41]: *pokes you in the eye and then runs off and hides in the shed*

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:42]: hm wonder where Rosie is...? *looks in shed* you told me, fool

XxOwens BabexX [20:42]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:42]: I know retard!

XxOwens BabexX [20:42]: gawd!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:43]: lmfao. I said gawd to my mum the other day then nearly peed myself laughing

XxOwens BabexX [20:43]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:43]: Can I get a remedy?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:43]: depends on what for

XxOwens BabexX [20:44]: for the fungus coming out of my eye?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:44]: pmsl

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:44]: my ice lolly has frozen to my hand

XxOwens BabexX [20:44]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:44]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:46]: I'm gonna fooking piss me pants

XxOwens BabexX [20:47]: I'm not but I just felt like saying it

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:47]: go on then. might smell a bit though

XxOwens BabexX [20:47]: lol

XxOwens BabexX [20:48]: Me Minge is already giving off a right pong lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:49]: pmsl! it's proper bo I tell thee

XxOwens BabexX [20:49]: whoops sorry a bit too much info there aye? ;-)

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:49]: lmfao

XxOwens BabexX [20:49]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:49]: I fucking love celebrities

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:50]: get it right!! (I typed rick then, pmsl) its "I fuck-king luv calab-ritties" like that

XxOwens BabexX [20:50]: well sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrryyyy

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:50]: so you should be

XxOwens BabexX [20:51]: pah!!!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:51]: why does Joel have 2 middle names and Benji only has one? it's not really fair is it

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:52]: like why does Matt have 2 middle names, I have 3 and Lauren only has one

XxOwens BabexX [20:52]: lmao no idea

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:52]: it's not really fair now is it?

XxOwens BabexX [20:52]: nope it aint!

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:53]: I am gonna officially ditch my middle names

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:53]: *throws them in a ditch* HA!

XxOwens BabexX [20:53]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [20:55]: larrdy darrdy fucking darr

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:57]: ohhhhhhh yes! Check it out. the ultimate GC fan over here!!

XxOwens BabexX [20:57]: *looks around* where?

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:58]: um...*slaps you round the back of the head* me, dorkzilla

XxOwens BabexX [20:58]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:58]: pmsl, windows media player is a knob

XxOwens BabexX [20:59]: I knew you were gonna slap me round the head ya know

XxOwens BabexX [20:59]: no! Windows media player is a nob jockey

X0LoserAnthem0X [20:59]: I was gonna say that but I couldn't be arsed to type it

XxOwens BabexX [20:59]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:00]: Lauren's boyfriend stole my favourite sweatband from my wrist

XxOwens BabexX [21:00]: how very rude!

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:01]: I FRIGGING KNOW!

XxOwens BabexX [21:01]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:02]: pmsl, on media player it's got the other gc album, the one with the pic on the front so the click int on it so it's behind..like screamer's down as change etc. and change is down as track 14

XxOwens BabexX [21:03]: lmao

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:06]: Ceres

XxOwens BabexX [21:07]: lmao

XxOwens BabexX [21:08]: it aint working for me

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:08]: fook

XxOwens BabexX [21:08]: I gotta go now so cya xx

X0LoserAnthem0X [21:08]: bye bye x

XxOwens BabexX [21:09]: cyaaaaa