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You are the ULTIMATE FAN! you love GC with a
passion greater than Billy's pasison for
hamsters. you go out of you way to learn about
GC and you are DEFINATELY a true GC fan!

The Hardest Good Charlotte Quiz of All
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What's that I hear? Ashley's a genius?

Yeppers. You're a true blue GC fan.You love GC not
just because they're hot, but because they're
great musicians.You know everything about them,
some might say you're obsessed, but so am i, so
that's ok! we both probably need to see a
therapist because we have an unhealthy love for
GC and are stalker-ishly in love with GC! but
that's ok,Rock on!
(*Stands and looks smug*)

How well do you know Good Charlotte?
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Joel- ok ok so hes no Benji, but cmon now, theyr
twins!!! ;)
(Joel, come on. You don't have a choice now...the quiz said so!! And what the hell do you mean, "he's no Benji"???)

Which Good Charlotte member are you likely to marry?
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You want to watch Joel masturbate! All the times
you see him grab his junk during the set just
makes you wanna see him do it naked. You wanna
do it for him too...
(Well, I must say, ya got me there..*nudge nudge, wink wink*)

What's your Good Charlotte fetish?
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joel is my antidrug
(Like there was any doubt)

Which GC guy is ur anit-drug??
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(Piercing's ROCK!! *Ahem* yeah)

What's YOUR sexual fetish?
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I am... the Joel/raspberry condom!
(Oh, that's great!! It's always useful to know which flavour GC Condom you are. It's handy at job interviews! "Yes, well, I failed all my exam but I know which Good Charlotte condom I am!! I'm Joel/Rasberry!!" Uh..yeah. Why am I doing these quizzes?)

which GOOD CHARLOTTE flavored CONDOM are you?
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Whoooo! Joel!
~*~NORMAL JOEL~*~ Boyish sweet Joel, Benji's twin brother, clumsy and almost dependent, but the all around sweety!!

Who should you have sex with from Good Charlotte
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The Young and The Hopeless


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the twins
You're Benji and Joel - The Twins. It's illegal, it's wrong, but you don't care. You're in love and that's all that matters.
(Am I the only one who's heard the term "Brotherly love"???)
What Good Charlotte slash pairing are you?
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I Have Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes
(Really?? Wow!! You don't say!! I was wondering what colour they were. I mean, the mirror was totally wrong!!)

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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sweet joel
You are sweet little innocent Joel. The shy guy who signs autographs with a cute, dimpled smile and barely talks. Yeah, and don't worry. It's not a secret that you're gay. So come on out already,would ya?
(Joel's about as gay as Ali G)

Which Joel Madden Are You?
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You'd fuck Joel the ghetto punk lead singer of Good Charlotte hes shy but hes funny when hes not!
(Oh, if only I could...)

Which member of GC are you most likely to fuck?
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(Hear that?? I'M Joel...but wait...you can't have the hots for yourself...??)

Which GC dude are you?
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I get Joel! WOOOOO!!
You're perfect twin is Joel! What a beautiful couple you'd make!
(Yes, we would, wouldn't we?)

Which Good Charlotte Twin Is Your Boyfriend?
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I'm The Made Man Tattoos!
(I'm the Made Man Tattoos. I'm special. neh neh)
Which of Benji's Tattoos Are You?

(Ohhhhh if only it wasn't illegal. Meh, only a stupid law)

Which Member of Good Charlotte Does Your Subconscious Want to Participate in Voluntary Coitus With?
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horny Joel *nudge nudge, wink wink*
Crotch-Grabbing Joel

Which sick bastard member of Good Charlotte are you?
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(ummm, excuse me, rude, but I happen to like the crotch grabbing. Go forth and grab, Joel!!)