Dani's Twisted Site!!
Im new to this soo it may be boring!!But o well!! Have fun!! I'll Talk to you later!!!

All About Me!!!!!

Hey hey!!! My name is Danielle or Dani for short, Duh lol! Anyways im in Ellis's Homeroom.
I play volleyball, which by the way rocks!! Our team name is Volleyball Queens, which rocks too!! lol!
Well I'm also in webmasters and art club. (art club is rly stupid!!) Well theres not much more about me, but i do
like to snowboard even though I get hurt sometimes. Its still fun!! Thats about it! If you know anything more about
me then tell me lol!! and ill add it!! Well ill talk to you or c you later!!!!

My Bestest Friends!!

Hey here are some of my Bestest Buddies!!

Anne Fleming
Sarah Jungman
Hannah Dankbar
Bethany Hoogenakker
Courtney King
Lauren Samson
Sara Stucker
Sierra Karch
Kjirsten Van Pelt
Abby Westermeyer
Gabbi Angeloni
Preet Dhugga
Courtney Sabus
Elle Pendras
Alex Grieve
Andrew Meek
Travis Merritt
Ben Vander Ploeg
Sam Reed

im rly sry if i forgot you just tell me and ill add you!! and the order doesnt mean anything!!!!
If there is anything i can add to my homepage tell me and ill add it!!! well ttyl!!!

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