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StillBoRn Biography

The bastard child that was to become known as StillBoRn was conceived in Mid 2002 when Ben Ford, Matt(Scarecrow) Whitehouse & Owen Platt started jamming in Bens spare room. Basically playing half covers of popular bands they liked, System Of A Down, Deftones, Goldfinger, Nirvana & The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to name a few. This carried on for a few months with few songs being written untill Scarecrow & Owen wrote a song they called "Tree". They then began to make this song come together, Scarecrow on guitar Owen on vocal duties & Ben the designated drummer. Meanwhile Scott (Sarmonyous) Naylor had heard small conversations about this band and the fact they needed a bassist or a second guitarist, being long term friends with Ben he asked if he could come along to the next "practise" & jam with them. StillBoRn then began to take shape with its newest member Sarmonyous picking up Lead/Rhythm guitar alongside Scarecrow adding a more dark melodic black metal approach to song writing an the music feel. Now the band began to work pretty fast with each band member feeding off another & ideas began to flow with many songs soon being written, now the band were being talked about by a few people & was beginning to form a small underground fan base without even having performed or released any demos. Small practises were now being held every tuesday with odd mini audiences (mainly friends from school) coming & listening to the thrashy nu metal material StillBoRn were churning out, The most frequent of these participants was a longterm friend of Sarmonyous & Bens, a diminutive kilt wearing evil also knowwn as Liam Whales who after purchasing Scarecrows Bass & a knackered mini amp was soon asigned for bass guitar duties.

Now the line up was complete:-

Owen Platt: Vocals
Scarecrow: Guitar
Sarmonyous: Guitar
Liam Whales: Bass
Ben Ford: Drums

To Be Continued...

Written By Sarmonyous for (<StillBoRn>)