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San Diego is burning

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Sunday 9:49am
A view of the smoke out the backyard, the ridge where the flames were that morning isn't visable.

Sunday 12:48pm
The smoke is so thick the closest ridge isn't visable anymore.

Sunday 12:58pm
A leaf Rob found in the neighbors yard is turned into nothing but a carbon shell from the heat.

Sunday 1:55pm
The sky out front of the house.

Monday 6:34am
The sun rising in the east in heavy smoke cover. The sky and world was orange for most of the day.

Monday 6:52am
The spots are ashes falling from the sky, in a dusklike morning.

Monday 9:01am
The orange sky to the south

Monday 12:01pm
The ash piles up on truck. It looks like snow but is as fine as dust and flys up in plums when you walk.

Monday 12:06pm
Rob takes a picture of the spooky angel in the orange light of the burning world.

Monday 4:39pm
The cat lies asleep in a pile of ashes.

Monday 4:45pm
Spider webs everywhere are filled with ashes.