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October 20, 2003
Journal Entry
Today I Fell out of my chair in the lab....A dumbass am I....TRUE!

Year of 2001
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Yes I Would Like The Chicken "Breast" Sandwich
...........William Albert Cox

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   What's Happening

What's Been going on this past month.  Well Ill tell you I haven't been paying my bills.  Well there at home and my stupid father hasn't sent me them or told me that they have come.  So im sitting without web-space.  But be assured that Everything will be alright come December.  So thanks to all of those who been heckling me to get on top of this. the domain name should be fully functional in about 72 hours.  Nothing on the site works yet but keep checking back. 
The Nokia N-Gage  - $299.99
Check out the newest Cell Phone From Nokia.  Yeah the price is a pretty hefty but what you expect when you get a video game, cell phone, and mp3 player all in one.  The design is pretty crappy but I think its a cool thing to have.  The only flaw is that you have to buy mad accessories for it.  Check out all the information on this at

R.I.P. Road Warrior Hawk
Road Warrior Hawk has passed away. He passed at approximately 1:30AM this morning in his sleep. Hawk was born on January 26th and we believe he was just 46 years old.  At least it wasn't HOGAN!

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