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as a child i was dropped numbers of times. This, of coarse is very noticable when you are around me. Bitten by a polar bear and pissed on by a hamster i was forced to leave home home and live in a dumpster. As it turned out the dumpster belonged to a music store. These kind people brought me in and i quickly picked up a tuba and began to play. And that is how i decided to start my band. Axe: Fender Strat, Mikocaster with the invader pickup, both black. Effects: The only effect needed, distorstion. Amp: 120 watt Peavey supreme running to THE PINK BEAST (4x12 cabinet) Inspiration of sound: Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Old school Blink, All American Rejects, NFG, DJ Hot Pockets, American Hi-fi, and the most important Saves the Day