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show archive

Mar. 10th at Chicho's at Atlantic Ave.
w/ The Takeover
this show went well, despite the owner not wanting to pay, and no freaking sound guy, and the acoustics sounding like shit. there weren't a lot of people, but the ones there seemed to enjoy it, and the takeover tore the roof off. this gets an A for effort.

march 24, 2003.
the kill club.
21 and up. no cover.
chicho's on atlantic.
this show was rad. the fucking kill club was tooooo good for words. they killed that shit, and we got wasted for free, and payed, and a pizza, and girls smiled at us. hot business.
great fuckin' show.

March 25, 2003
after party for snowcore tour
21 and
we gained alot from this show, hopefully some all ages shows at classics, one in the works with figure four and beloved. will post it when rob sends me the shite in the email.

april 28 2003
start to fetish, voltaire
chicho's at the oceanfront, free 21 and up
the roof came off, the other bands were awesome, marcus did a great job as this was his first show with us, some weird girl tried to fuck me, then ross, then she bounced with a random guy, that was funny

may 8 2003
jackmove, vaux
the Varsity Club
5 bucks
18 and up
Coolest stage ever, the floor lit up, and we finally had some room to move around. marcus once again did great. vaux fucking rocked. all around kick ass show. may 9 2003
start to fetish, toque
7 dollars
18 and up

Another good show. i was excited that my voice held out two nights in a row. a drunk guy came up and shook my hand between just about every song, it was great. start to fetish, of course, rocked. all around good times.

upcoming shows.