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what ross is actually saying...

Perfect Crime

love isn't something to die for
love is something to die from
they say you can't live without it
well you have to die from something

i think about how you gazed with that gleam in your eye
the joy of your perfect crime

I still can't remove the stain
from where you stomped my heart to nothing
and when i see it everyday i smile
cause that thing caused me nothing but pain

the gift you've given me
the gift of immunity
saving me from a disease
who's only cure is to die

I regret the day i ever say your face
every breathe i take is tainted with your bitter taste


empty space and empty bed
nothing left to be said
windshield smashed and bloody hands
and death's my only partner

fight a losing battle
seems i've lost the war
my hearts pumping blood
till my veins are sore

Wearing down from torture scars
i think this has gone way too far
it's too much pain to be put through
and it's all coming straight from you

no use for this ring i keep
it would only fit your hand
to feel this way is to feel true pain
it's much more than i can stand

Dying Inside

i think i'm hemoraging
I'm dying inside
i don't know what to do
i'm drowning in this

and your look was everything

i'm so sick of this place
cause everyday i fall in love
and everyday i die

this is my last day alive
cause i can't take this shit anymore
so i'm leaving

All It Took

I remember when all was good
we walked along streets of gold
and i remember the light
it was dripping from us both

a flick of the wrist was all it took
a splash of blood and it all was done

now i lay as an empty shell
staring at a plain white ceiling
with one hand over my chest
covering a wound that will never heal

Black Box

my hopes flying high
were heavier than air
they crashed and burned
leaving only ashes

the black box recording
marked and dated said
the wings had gone
and left them for dead

then i found
the evidence stated
it was sabotaged
with only me to blame

the black box recording
marked and dated said
that you had gone
and left me for dead

The Wishful Thinker

I needed to feel something familiar
I needed to feel something genuine

I saw everything I needed in your face
it was all I wanted
I was feeling so out of place
and out of place is where I'll stay

in your arms is where I wanted to be
but out of them I'll stay
cause I see things in you that you don't see
when you look at me

lying here I can only dream
what things could be
but from here things do seem
that I'll be here forever

you said you could save me
well where's my savior now

where the heart is.....