16 March 2004

The Spazzys have a new website and guess who made it :)

9 February 2004

The Spazzys had a pretty busy weekend. They played 3 gigs in 12 hours. At the St. Kilda Festival Lucy and Ally were interviewed by JJJ. Then on the Channel 10 TV national news I saw a few seconds of "Hey Hey Baby", with some close up shots of Lucy. But they didn't say it was the Spazzys.

19 January 2004

The Spazzys are playing at the Melbourne Big Day Out on Monday the 26th of January. They will be on Green stageat 11.30am.

15 December 2003

Here is the interview Lucy did with The Drum Media.

6 December 2003

There are a couple of new photos from the Spazzys' tour with the Hard Ons, courtesy of Joseba.

He has also made a Spazzys ringtone which will work on smartphones. http://www.angelfire.com/punk4/thespazzys/SunshineDrive.wav

4 December 2003

The current issue of Drum Media (Sydney,Canberra,Wollongong etc.) has a full page interview with Lucy. I might type it up for the website later if I get a chance.

26 November 2003

A couple of shows coming up :

Thursday 27th of November at the Hoptoun in Sydney. The Coolies will be supporting.

Saturday 29th of November at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda (Spazzys supporting the Aampirellas)

20 November 2003

Kat got on the radio on Tuesday night with Robbie Buck and talked up the band a bit. But Robbie accidentally disconnected her mid interview. He played the new recording of Lets Get Spazzy, and got Kat back to finish the interview.

18 November 2003

The Spazzys are being featured today on JJJ! They say you can download "Lets Get Spazzy", but I couldn't get it to work.

13 November 2003

Some sad news and some good news.

Ally's mum is sick, so Ally is staying in Melbourne to be with her, which means the Spazzys are not playing with Warped. Warped dedicated their Canberra show to Ally's family.

On a happier note the Spazzys will put out an album called Aloha Go Banana's early next year.

10 November 2003

The Spazzys have a bunch of new dates all over the place.

Wednesday 12th November
The Green Room, Canberra ACT
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Thursday 13th November
The Northern Star, Newcastle NSW
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Friday 14th November
Vic on the Park, Sydney NSW
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Saturday 15th November
The Indie Temple, Brisbane QLD
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Sunday 16th November
The Troccadero, Surfers Paradise QLD
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Thursday 6th November
The Barwon Club, Geelong VIC
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

Friday 7th November
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC
w/ Warped, SPOD and El Horizonte

Saturday 8th November
The Crown and Anchor, Adelaide SA
w/ Warped and El Horizonte

The Spazzys have a minor appearance on Warped's new album "quicker ways to blacker eyes".

They also do some backing vocals for "IWannaDoItWithADonna" on Blood Duster's new album.

22 September 2003

You can find some photos taken by Ronny Restrepo at the Spazzys' August 16th show in Brisbane here (http://brisgigs.sinfree.net/2003aug16/)

The Spazzys have finished the tour with the Hard Ons. If you have any pictures I would love to add them to the site.

If you have any news or would like to contact me - patrickcox@hotmail.com