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Friday's gone,

damn parents won't leave me alone.

I try and try,

to get away

the cops won't leave me be.

(chorus) Runnin' from home,

runnin' from home,

I wanna be gone,

runnin' from home. (x2)

There's a party goin' on,

I wanna get laid,

parents caught me sneakin'

so out the window I strayed,

and the cops took me away.


My lifes gone to shit,

I Brought home some drugs,

the parents found the stash,

they used it for themselves,

then the cops took 'em away.


[guitar solo]

now i'm free,

to do what I want,

them damn parents got what they deserved,

now i don't, have to put with their shit,

the foster home kinda sucks.


[slows down...]

Never runnin' again...