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Fanpage of the british HC Punkpand THE NEGLECTED (Liverpool) 1982 - 1986 coming soon

Meanwhile an interview at: sat. 22nd october 1983 after a gig in the "ROCKPUB" in Liverpool interview by Thomas A.

I met the 3 guys backstage after their gig. they really kicked ass, although it was apparent that that their guitarist Adam Wyers had a couple of drinks too much.

Hi there! please introduce yourself for our readers and tell them a few things about you.

Jeremy Todd: Well, we’re neglected, sweat like pigs cause a few minutes before we we’re out there and played our songs. what else?
Michal Aston: Yea! was no big problem for us to play there cause it was a homegame for us, but the audience really kicked ass

I: Right! a view months before your first longplayer drug culture came out, but the reviews for this record was not as good as the rapture at your debut tape “rabbit is rich”. Do you know a reason why there was this reaction?

Jeremy Todd: Hm right! but i think everyone takes this reviews too serious, we’re not a band for making any kind of profit, we just play our music because we have fun with that, and bring our way of live and our attidude to our listeners. We don’t really care about critics, I mean they must be bored such a lot, for giving such crap to every new cd. I mean this is Punk rock, no one expects big heavy metal solos from us. we just sing about the things with we are not conformed with.
Adam Wyers: Right, as allready mentioned this is Punk rock and I think we did a great work with our new album.

I: You formed the band in 1982, did you know each other before?
Adam Wyers: Well me and Jeremy knew each other from the football club, at the beginning we had the same position although Jeremy was left handed. Jeremy and Michal also knew each other some time before...
Jeremy Todd: Ye right. Michal was the boyfriend of my sister, and after they broke up we staid in contact and in 1982 we found us for making this band. It was claer from the beginning that we want to make this kind of music and nothing different.

I: So which bands you like to listen to when you turn off your amps?
Adam Wyers: We like to listen to bands like GBH, The exploited, MDC, we also did a cover of the song “John Wayne was a nazi” on our demotape Rabbit is rich. and a lot of this HC stuff. Jeremy also likes to listen to the misfits. So tonight we did this cover of the new Misfits song “We bite”. Jeremey Todd: yeah misfits kick ass! but its also interessting to see how the Punk Scene in germany developes.
Michal Aston: Hey don’t forget KISS
Jeremy Todd: Yea our big “make up” fan. seriously, kiss are quite allright.

I: Allright let’s come back to you. I know that’s always a big problem for bands, telling which is their favourite song. Anyhow! your favourite song?
Adam Wyers: allready mentioned as musician you know to every song a story more background than the others do, or it’s even a story of your live, or somethig which moved your point of view. But if you ask this way, i would say, Rabbit is rich.
Jeremy Todd: They all suck! (laughing)

I: For your lp “drug culture” you didn’t use any kind of label why?
Jeremy Todd: Well there is one reason, we wil never be dependent on any of this fucked up comercial labels, or even an independent label, making your record at an label it means that you’ve subordinate yourself in a stupid hierarchy, and we are not fond of subordinating to other dudes. So we borrowed the equipment from friends of us, and did the tape in our room. Maybe the quality is not such perfect as in a real studio but hey! its PUNK ROCK!

I: Allright, all the best to you all, and keep adam away from the beer for this evening!
Jeremy: Thank’s boy! we had nothing different in our heads!