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General Info: my name is andrew schwark and in the most i am lead guitar and backup vocals. i am 17, i go to LHN and i hate it, im a christian, i like girls, i love God, don't do drugs, chaos rules, 'this guy looks like a total loser but his names greg'(SLC PUNK reference), and PUNK ROCK, ITS PUNK ROCK

Bands Im Into: suicide machines, less than jake, rise against, afi, sex pistols, ramones, mxpx, the clash, things about nothing, nirvana, green day, acdc, led zeppelin, barbershop quartets, chuck berry, and possibly the best band in the history of rock My Friend Ehab, and the list goes on

Influences: well our early stuff really had no influences, but later when i got into blink 182 (i completely regret that) they influenced songs like brain fart and good times. now that im more into underground stuff, i wrote songs like the greatest day

Gear: fender telecaster (made in the good old US of A), B 52 half stack, whatever strings are the cheapest, and many kinds of chords but my monster is the best.

Contact: my screen name is sumf4rtee1. yaa its dumb i know but im too lazy to change it