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3/23/04Please keep the Stomps family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of Mike Stomps.

2/1/04Thanks to all who voted for us at the ike show. it was wicked. everyone had a good time and it was awesome to finally win so thanks again. Also, the landslide show is cancelled. And watch for another show in early March!

1/27/04Thanks to everyone who came to the show at the youth house. That was the 1st of many shows we plan to have there. If any other bands want to get in on the shows leave something in our geustbook. We are still working on the cd but it should get done in February. I hope.

12/29/03Still working on the CD. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

11/6/03The M.O.S.T. is working on a cd with Wixon Records (ben's room)and hopefully it will be done my the end of November.

10/7/03More bad news for The M.O.S.T. CJ has quit the band. We are currently working with a new bassist and hopefully he will be playing with us within a month or so. In other news we have a show.

9/12/03I regret to inform everyone that our show is CANCELLED once again. Its not our fault, blame the police.

9/3/03New Show. Sadly this will be one of Things About Nothing's last shows. We will miss you guys.

8/12/03 The show for the 13th is moved to the 20th.

8/11/03 The tour was awesome, even though the Lansing show was cancelled. We want to say thanks to the people in Chicago and St. Louis for watching us and a special thanks to propaganda panda and one down for setting up the shows. And finally we want to say happy birthday colin.

7/23/03 The M.O.S.T. is officialy going on tour!! We will be rocking out Lansing, Chicago, and St. Louis. So please keep us in your prayers and hopefully we stay out of harms way.

7/15/03 Holy Cow!!! That was a great show on the 11th. All the bands were good and the fans were awesome. So, thanks fans for coming out and seeing us. And keep a look out because The M.O.S.T. might be coming out with a video.

7/2/03 C.J. just celebrated his 17th birthday, so everyone wish C.J. happy birthday next time you see him. Also, right now C.J. and Greg are on the LHN Band tour in Italy, so please pray for their safe return. And finally The Most wants to thank all the fans that back us up and defend us when people leave hate-mail on our cite. so you guys rock, oh yaa and lots of people should come to our next show, check out the Shows page.

6/21/03 Steve-0 was in a car accident and his car was wrecked, Steve of coarse was fine and so was his 2-headed dragon that he had as a hood ornament, so now he has a new car, but he doesn't like it and wishes to go to Ohio and buy a herse from a dealer there, please pray for Steve-O

6/6/03 New Show, check out the shows page.

5/27/03 New Show, check out the shows page.

5/22/03 Please pray for the members of The MOST, the freinds and the family of Jessie Nowicki. Jessie died on May 19th at the age of 15, so please keep those people in your prayers.

5/16/03 We regret to tell everyone that the show that was rescheduled from Ike to Grant Park on Saturday, May 17, has been cancelled. We're really sorry, this was supposed to be a great show. Feel free to go to Grant Park anyways, though, because its a really cool place (but no bands will be there tomorrow).

5/14/03 Sorry about not updating the cite for a while, my computer has been stupid. But everyone who thought there was a show at eisenhower, it got changed to Grant Park. So check out the Shows page for more details. and thanks for your support.

4/29/03 The Most Has Returned!! We had an awesome mission trip to Mexico and California. Thanks for all your prayers and support. You guys rock.

4/12/03 Thanks to everyone who went to the show at L'anse Creuze North. You guys, the fans, rock.

4/02/03 Just to let the fans know, Gabe, Schwark, Fish, and CJ; so everyone except Steve-O; will be in Mexico on a Mission Trip from April 17 to April 27. Just letting you know if you don't here from us for 10 days. Peace.

3/26/03 The show on the 29th has been cancelled, so don't show up cause no one will be there. On another note, Chris has decided to leave the band since he had to leave soon anyway. The new drummer will be our very first drummer, Kyle (Fish) Dancy.

3/17/03 Jones has quit the band due to conflicting scedules.

3/9/03 Hey thanks to everyone who came to the basement show at Lauren's house last night. The bands were sweet and there was a great turnout of people.

2/12/03 There's gonna be a basement show/ cd release party (hoorah!) at Lauren's house on march 8th starting at 6. Check the shows page for more info.

2/11/03 Please pray for Billy and his family as they mourn the loss of his brother Ken.

2/7/03 Kyle is taking the ACT test tomorrow. pray for him because he needs to get a good score. Also, The Most is almost finished with recording a 3 song demo (as of right now) get ready for that to come out

2/4/03 Today kyle and alyse have been together for 5 months. kyle hopes for many more. yay for them

2/2/03 The Most will be recording this week with Ben from Things About Nothing. We are not sure when the cd will come out but we hope to be able to get it to you as soon as possible.

1/23/03 Kyle is going to Chicago this weekend to see Mal and Lynn and Leigh and Katie. They are cool.

1/21/03 We have made a new discovery and have found out that greg is hot stuff. oh i guess all the ladies already knew that.

1/21/03 Check out the shows page guys... hint hint hint.

1/20/03 New Update! Steve-O is also in a financial problem because he broke his car and has to pay his parents. The "Joobs is Broke" fund is now called the "Steve-O and Joobs Are Broke" fund so feel free donate

1/19/03 Kyle is in a bit of a financial problem. he needs to pay off his car + insurance + $1300 in car repair and a $95 ticket. and he has a bad habit of buying every cd he sees. feel free do donate to the Joobs is Broke fund. email us if youre interested. we'll tell you if you qualify. pretty much everyone qualifies

1/17/03 Poor Gabe.... today is the fateful day in which gabe broke schwarks windshield and currently owes him $500 (well $499 if you count that one dollar he got). monetary donations are graciously accepted.