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General Info: my name is gabe kasper and in the most i am the lead singer/ percussionist/ manager/overbearing jerk. It rules bein me. i am 18, i go to north and I hate it, i am a christian so is that band for that matter ( in case u havent picked up on that yet), i dont have a girlfriend cuz girls dont like me. and i wish my hair was cool

Bands Im Into/Musical Influences: i would hafta say suicide machines, rise against, save the day. I really like bands whose lead singer just sings, then i dont feel left out.

Personal Music History: I started singin in like 5th grade i also began piano and trumpet then, i continued to sing, but in 7th grade i switched over to drums. I have been workin on percussion and my voice since then, and I am now tryin to learn bass and guitar.