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General Info:Im kyle, aka, fish of the most. i put out the beats, write lyrics and riffs, and basically just act like an idiot. I, like my collegues, am a christian. I like tacos made with fresh fish, and i too wish i had cool hair.

Bands Im Into:: I like punk, yes but i love metal stuff too. I like the fags, the used, saves the day, and lostprophets, pressure 4-5, taproot, finger 11, trust co., linkin park(xcept the rapping),sugarcult, chevelle, ect.

Personal Music History:i picked up drumming in 5th grade and have been battling it out ever since then, me and gabe have been buds for a long time, one day we just said,"hey, we should start a crappy band." And here we are. I'm decent at guitar, but i dont take lessons. my voice changed in 4th grade so ull never hear me sing, maybe scream now and then. the rest is history.