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  My Interests


My Interests


What holds my interests or at least consumes my time.

bulletArt - i love to view art, so the following Web site contains works of art from many artist.
bulletTravel - I'm a big travel buff. My family and I love traveling around the world. Below is a great travel site for booking tickets, or just to find out information on your destination.
bulletInvesting and Money - I've recently started investing. Below is a great site about managing your money and investing.
bulletMSN MoneyCentral
bulletVideo Games - i'm a gamer, i have a subscription to playstation magazine to read up on new video games and merchandise.  but i also love to play and after a game is beat theres usually more, like maybe cheats, and the following site contains codes for every game system.
bulletVideo Games- if you don't have a subscription to playstation magazine then this site is exactly the same it's just not a book.
bulletMovies - I also love to watch movies, so i catch up on new releases and upcoming movies for the following year on the following site.  
bulletWeb pages - I'm learning to build my own Web site, so these pages are certain to be under construction for some time.

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