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Test Your Indie Cred!!!

think you've got what it takes to survive the scene?


1) give yourself 1 points for every bright eyes/desaparecidos album you own

2) 2  points if you own the saddle creek christmas album

3) 1 point for veg, 2 points for being vegan

4) give yourself 1 point for every album you've bought on vinyl in the last year

5) 1 point if you own weezer's pinkerton or blue album

6) 1 point if you drive an economical, low gas mileage car; or a cheap one

7) -1 if you drive a pickup truck, SUV, or any "pimped out" vehicle

8) -1 for every rap metal or rap album you have bought in the last year

9) 1 point for every time you've played emo game

10) -1 point for every time you've made fun of someone who was a "geek" in the last week

11) 1 point for every time you've been called a geek in the last week

12) 10 points if your last name is Feldman *winknickwink*

13) 10 points if you have been to an acoustic show where you sat on the floor and drank in the last year.

14) -10 points for every rap concert you've been to in your life

15) 10 points if you play an instrument

16) 10 points if you write lyrics as therapy

17) 1 point for every time you've taken a road trip to one of the following places: Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago,Omaha, Irvine, Minneapolis's 1st avenue, Chapel Hill

2 points if it was for a show

18) 1 point EACH if you know who any of the following are:  Klint /tim kasher from cursive, Chris Carrabba,  Maria Taylor, Conor Oberst, Race for Titles, The Promise Ring, Wilco, Ozma, Sunny Day Real Estate

19) 1 point for if you are  a green party member; 2 if you are a socialist party member

20) 1 point for every time you have protested the war

21) 1 point for every time in the last week you have spoke out against bush; 2 if it was very public (like m. moore)

22) 1 point each if you are a member of the following: PETA, AAVS, CARE, The Civil Liberties Union

23) 2 points if you love the swedish government

24) 1 point for every time you've hugged an Islamic person since Sept. 11th just because you felt bad about the generalization of their "evil" placed on them by ignorant people

25) 1 point each if you've read any of the following: The Unbearable Lightness of being, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Tao de Ching, The Holy Bible, Breakfast of Champions, Catcher in the Rye, Rhetoric, Antigone

26) 5 points if you have questioned your sexuality

27.) -5 points if you are homophobic, racist, or sexist

28) -5 points if your parents are republican and you don't feel they are "misguided"

29) 1 point if you are in college, 2 if you have a degree, 3 if you have a degree and work with charity, 4 if you have a degree and a job and still play in a band

30) 1 point if you shop at thrift stores, 2 points if you own a pair of canvas all stars or other cruelty free shoes, 3 points if you own a shirt you made with a sharpie marker




50 points or above- congrats on your indie 100% indie cred!!!!! You are so indie you probably should move to sweden!!! The higher the indie cred, the bolder and more intelligent (generally)

45-50 points : good for you. that's not too bad at all. go to more shows and support your scene though!!!! you still have enough cred to be 1337 if you stop trying so hard.

40-45 points : ehhh, you are borderline.  stay away from people who put alot of emphasis on cred, you will probably be hated by them.  maybe the problem is you try to be something you really aren't because of your fear you won't be accepted by your culture OR maybe you just aren't indie. either way, beware of the indie kids; you have a chance to make it with them, but it's a pretty elite and close knit group.


20-39 points: ummm, go away. unless you pick up a book or do some questioning of the world around you, you are pretty much worthless in indie cred society.  I hope you never feel the need to date an indie kid.

20 points or below- what kind of idiot are you? Oberst is a genius modern philosophy, Sweden's socialist democracy is a wonderful system, and do you EVER read books?  Go join the military, dumbass.