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The Duck's Site

Sum 41 is a great band. Many people dont know the real sum 41, but im pretty sure i do. They are talented young men with a taste of rock and punk. The newest member of the band is cone. he is is the bassest, and he has been around for about 3-4 years. Cone is personally my favorite band member for is super bass licks. He is hot and amazing, sum 41 would not be the same with out him. Dereck has to be the shortest person of the group. I met him, and i noticed that i was taller than him, alot taller than him! Dave has to be the nicest member. He was really nice while i met him outside the concert of the tour does this look infected, 2003. Stevo is the asshole that wouldnt give me a damn autograph, but trust me, i will! when he doesnt see it coming!

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