My Sparkling Little World

Well Howdy! No, I ain't fromTexas. I live in boring old Cincinnati Ohio for now. I'm a senior at Xavier University majoring in Sociology and History with a minor in Peace Studies (yeah, like I'm gonna save the world or something...most of my friends wind up defending it from me!)

Well, if ya must know something about me...pick a link and have a good laugh! Ask me a question because you know I have an answer (I mean, I am a Democrat...I have an answer for everything!) Hell, if ya got my phone number then call me. We can chat! So, in this area of my life I am being completly self-indulgent...after all, it is MY website! So, why should I put what I want on it?! Granted, it will most likely be humorous (I mean, if I'm putting my school pictures in here I have to have a sense of humor don't I?!)

Pick One!

What I'm doing in school (Also a link to XU's homepage)
Favorite Things
School Timeline