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* * * Political Idiot

Political Idiot

Words and Music: Matthias

You sing and preach like you know it all
Looking down upon others like your 10 feet tall
But the same word use and that lame phrase
Must have been thought up in a political way

Don't ever say racist
Don't ever say fascist
Don't say your gonna start a revolution
You're not gonna change the world

Cause people are gonna stay the way they are
They're either gonna sell out or have no car
A select few are in the middle
Will someone solve this messed up riddle?

For all of you I say "stop"
Don't ever talk about hating the cops
Don't talk about poverty or brutality
We got it down you need to face reality

Maybe my songs aren't as punk
All you guys care about is smoking weed and getting drunk
The stuff your saying is a lost cause
Take a second and take a pause
Actually go ahead it's your loss
[your loss]

Just be cool and I say your quote